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Outdoor LED Advertising Screen

outdoor led advertising led screen

Outdoor OB Series

Outdoor OB Series pixel pitch of outdoor led advertising screen from 4mm to 20mm, suitable for 4m to 120 viewing, front maintenance led display or double side outdoor led signs!

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  Do you want to use outdoor led advertising screen to boost your products or services sale? Do you know these efficient outdoor led advertising displays can build a closer relationship with your audience? If you don't know the benefits of using outdoor led advertising screen, let our experts give you some reasons why you need to choose an full color outdoor led screen.

  Update the outdoor advertising LED screen at any time.

  Whether it's heat summer or cold winter, no weather will stop you from changing the outdoor LED advertising led screens. You can easily change the information you want to change with PC or WIFI equipment.

  Attract the public!

  you can attract the attention of many people outdoor led advertising display, and let them know important information!You can also post a commemorative day, community message, greeting and holiday blessing .

  Long life.

  The life of Industrial outdoor advertising led screens is about 100,000 hours, and longer, life meaning you can get lasting revenue.

  Environmental protection.

  Compared with the traditional luminous signs,outdoor led advertising led screen is quite environmentally friendly. Average efficient of LED displays are more than 80% to illuminated signs, lower power consumption mean reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to environmental protection, outdoor LED advertising displays do not contain any harmful or toxic chemicals compared to gas-containing neon signs.

  Community activity promotion

  Outdoor advertising led screen can display animated text,high-quality graphics and funny video,so many communities use them to communicate information to the public, such as posting weather alerts or other weather-related information to help local residents improve life quality.

  Security promotion

  Since most outdoor LED advertising displays are installed near roads, many cities also use them to promote safety information. When the crime rate rises, remind community members to lock the doors or post seasonal information such as "pay attention to ice on the road", "check tires", "don't leave pets in your car" and other similar safety information. If there are security threats in the community, such as escaped prisoners, outdoor led advertising screen can also remind the public safety!


  In addition to promoting safety information, some cities use outdoor led screen to post other educational information, such as, during the flu season, the importance of hand washing to prevent the spread of the flu. If food or goods are recalled, community manager can post information about the issue so that people can take action to solve this problem. The government can also share information about medical security, legal and regulatory information etc.

  Smart message board

  Outdoor led advertising screen can help the community in a variety of ways,such as In parks or outdoor shopping areas, led display can display maps and landmarks so that people can find their way more easily.

  Election vote

  The community can also post the date of election vote, promote citizen political participation. As the election results come out, the results can be announced as soon as possible.

  Charity fund-raising

  Charitable organizations can improve their work to raise enough funds and help more people benefit. They can raise funds, publicize events and share details by outdoor led advertising screen. The community also use outdoor led screens to raise fund-raising activities for non-profit organizations such as schools, police, medical centers and other groups.

  Social media

  To make LED screens more effective, many communities use them to share detailed information about their social media page. When community members follow social media pages, they can look over about Facebook posts, Tweets, or Instagram,which help to expand the spread of community information.

  Outdoor led advertising led screen has so many benefits,do you want to need it? FINE PIXEL LED is a lead led display manufacturer with many years of manufacturing experience, our pixel pitch of outdoor led advertising screen from 4mm to 20mm, suitable for 4m to 120 viewing,  front maintenance led display or double sided outdoor led signs, if you are looking for outdoor led advertising screen, contact us today!
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No matter where you are, no matter what screen you need,our customized solutions, high quality and competitive price makes your Outdoor LED Advertising Screen more attractive!

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