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Double Sided Outdoor LED Signs

  double sided outdoor led signs
  Double sided outdoor led signs usually are suitable for back-to-back installation,which has the same size for front and back, double sided led signs can display the same content on both sides through the video processor, or control software.
  During the day,outdoor LED double sided led signs is used as a two-sided flip,which can display two images,avoid the rigid of traditional static ads and also solve the question that the effect is not clear under direct sunlight;during the night,double-side led signs can become a larger full-color LED signs,FINE PIXEL LED is a professional led signs manufacturer,our double-sided led signs adopt the most advanced integrated digital control, frequency modulation, point-by-point correction, low power, energy saving, environmental protection, brightness adjustable, virtual pixel high-tech indoor and outdoor LED display.
  Advantages of two-side outdoor led signs:
  1,  a variety of graphics,fonts, images and three-dimensional animation, rich playback mode, supporting scrolling information, notifications, slogan slogans, etc., a large of storage data capacity.
  2, graphics and artistic font,two, three-dimensional animation production and playback,beautiful and friendly interface, customized language and convenient menu operation,cyclically played and automatically switched,timed and fixed speed and various display modes.
  3,  the text can be enlarged, reduced, copied and other editing,The image can be modified and edited by software. various fonts;
  4,  multimedia broadcast system software, which can flexibly input and broadcast a variety of message.network connection and control.
  5,  the broadcast system has multimedia software, which can flexibly input and broadcast a variety of information. network interface with computer,which can be remotely controlled by computer;
  6,  auto brightness adjustment, manual adjustment,digital clock display anywhere on the screen. time switch function.
  7,  friendly interface:  easy to operate, program production and playback with a mouse click.
  8,  rich display mode: Different display modes make monotonous text more attractive, increase the dynamic of the picture, and provide various display modes such as scrolling and moving.
  In addition to the above,our double-sided led sign advantages:
  1, Light weight: 28 kg/m2 per square meter,low cost and safety.
  2, Fully waterproof: dust-proof, anti-red UV,long life, and easy to maintain.
  3, Environmental protection: energy saving, no light pollution,point-by-point correction.
  4, Power saving: one tenth of the power consumption of the traditional led display.
  5, 360-degree rotation: adjustable screen flatness ,fast and convenient.
  6, Maximized revenue: Automatically switch brightness to led display screen,advertising revenue will be maximized.
  Compare to common high energy consumption LED display,our two-side outdoor led signs is high efficiency and energy saving led display,In general, outdoor LED double-sided led signs are still very urgent for the market demand, we provide wholesale  led signs has a large viewing angle and wide radiation advantages,we have many successful project application,such as: vegetable price in the farmer's market, promotion goods in the store, jewelry counters, watch stores, boutique trinkets, belt bags and other industries;

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