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Novastar VX400s Processor

Novastar VX400s Processor

Product Details
Novastar 2-in-1 controller VX400s

Product Type:LED Video Display Controller

Video source interface: CVBS × 2, VGA × 2, DVI × 1, HDMI × 1, SDI × 1, YPbPr × 1

Resolution: 2048 × 1152

Stitching function: Support

Picture in Picture: Support

Interception function: support

Output interface: four network ports

Control interface: ETHERNET, USB

Load capacity: 2.3 million pixels

Video loop-out: SDI LOOP, DVI LOOP

Equipped with power supply: Taiwan Meanwell power supply

Certification: None

Novastar VX400s is a professional LED display controller, it also has powerful front-end video processing functions. Novastar video wall processor VX400s meets the needs of the media with excellent image quality and flexible image control.

Novastar VX400s has complete video input interfaces, including 2 line CVBS, 2 line VGA, 1 line DVI, 1 line HDMI, 1 line SDI,1 line YPbPr.

Novastar led processor VX400s does not require system software configuration, you only need to operate a knob and a button to complete the system configuration. All operations can be completed in a few steps.Adopting innovative architecture to achieve intelligent configuration, LED screen  can be completed in minutes, greatly reducing  time;

With Novastar G4 engine, more stable picture without flickering, no scanning lines;

HDMI / DVI video input; HDMI audio input;

Support Novastar new generation of point-by-point calibration technology;

Support high-level video input, 10bit / 8bit;

The position and size of the picture-in-picture can be adjusted as you like;

Video output loading capacity: 2.3 million pixels, supported video formats: RGB, YCbCr4: 2: 2, YCbCr4: 4: 4;

An intuitive LCD display interface and clear key light prompts simplify system installation and control;

Provide seamless fade-in and fade-out switching to enhance professional-quality presentations;
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