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Video processor includes: LED video processor, LED seamless splicer, high-definition switcher, etc. LED video processors are used to improve gray levels, resolution specifications conversion, HDMI、DVI、DP、VGA、3G-SDI、Genlock、CVBS, picture scaling, color space conversion,image processing enhancement and video processing,wall processor can support up to 6 4K * 2K @ 60HZ ultra-high-definition video input, up to 4096 * 2160 @ 60HZ resolution format, 4K screen display, 4K seamless switching, fade-in and fade-out effects, arbitrary capture of 4K input screen, fine adjustment of input portrait,picture quality, custom output resolution, 8 channels with a maximum load of 12,800 lines and a maximum bandwidth of 172,800 points. LED video processor can achieve seamless multi-screen splicing and multi-window functions, suitable for monitoring, radio and television background,command, video conferences, exhibitions and education and other industries, China's professional video processor manufacturers: VDWALL, Novastar, Colorlight, RGBlink, Kystar, etc.
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