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Novastar K6s Processor
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Novastar K6s Processor

Product Details
Novastar 2-in-1 led video wall K6s

Product type: 2-in-1 video processor controller

Resolution: 4096 pixels × 4096 pixels

Load capacity: 3.9 million

Video source interface: 3G-SDI × 2, U-AUDIO × 2, HDMI × 2, DVI × 2, DVI LOOP × 1, USB × 2

Control interface: ETHERNET, USB cascade

Interception function: support

Picture in Picture: Support

Video loop out: DVI Loop

Equipped with power supply: Taiwan meanwell power supply

Stitching function: Seamless stitching

Output interface: Ethernet port × 6, DVI × 1

Certification: None

Novastar K6s is a two-in-one video processor that integrates video processing and video control function. Novastar K6s has powerful video signal receiving and processing capabilities, supports up to 1920 × 1200 @ 60Hz video input and up to 7 channels. Video signal input and 3 independent windows,6 Gigabit Ethernet port output at the same time.

Based on a powerful FPGA processing platform, Novastar video wall processor K6s supports fast and seamless switching of multiple input sources and switching effects such as fade-in and fade-out, which can provide you with flexible screen control and excellent image display. In addition, Android sub card can be used as a USB input interface.

With its excellent picture quality and flexible control methods, Novastar K6s can be widely used in conference, exhibition centers, stage, commercial event scenes.

Supports 3 windows and 1 OSD.

Supports quick and advanced screen matching.

Support two system modes: straight-cut mode and switcher mode.

Supports on-screen screen brightness adjustment.

Video output maximum load: 3.9 million pixels.

The maximum width and maximum height of the video output are 4096 pixels.

Supports common video interfaces, including 2 3G-SDI, 2 HDMI 1.3, 1 DVI, 1 DVI + DVI LOOP, and 1 USB playback.

Support multiple devices splicing and loading.

Support TAKE key for one screen on switcher mode.

Support to create 10 scenes to save as templates for easy to use.

Support custom adjustment of input resolution.

Support equipment redundancy setting.
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