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Novastar K16 Processor
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Novastar K16K16 NovastarNovastar video wall K16Novastar K16 Processor

Novastar K16 Processor

Product Details
Novastar K16 2-in-1 Video Wall Processor

Product type: 2-in-1 controller

Video source interface: DP 1.2 × 1, HDMI 2.0 × 1, DVI × 4

Resolution: Supports a maximum resolution of 3840 × 2160 @ 60Hz

Output interface: 16 Gigabit Ethernet ports

Control interface: ETHERNET, USB

Load capacity: 10.4 million pixels

Interception function: support

Picture in Picture: Support

Video loop-out: None

Stitching function: Support

Equipped with power supply:None

Certification: None

Novastar video processor K16 is the latest All-in-One led processor,It integrates video processing, video control and LED screen configuration. Novastar K16 has a variety of video signal receiving capabilities, ultra HD 4K × 2K @ 60Hz. Image processing and sending capabilities. Novastar K16 can be controlled by the intelligent management software V-Can, which can achieve rich picture stitching effect and convenient and fast operation.

Novastar K16 can send the processed video source to the LED display by the network port and optical fiber port. Novastar K16 powerful video processing and sending capabilities can be widely used in high-end rental, such as stage, conference, event, exhibition led screeen.

Novastar K16 performance:

Multiple outputs, large load

It supports 16 network ports and 4 fiber outputs, with a load of up to 10.4 million pixels.

Supports DVI stitching

maximum of 4 line DVI input sources can be spliced ​​into one.

Supports HDR output

It can greatly enhance the picture quality of the display, make the picture colors more vivid

complete input interface

1 line DP 1.2, 1 line HDMI 2.0, 4 line DVI.

Support screen capture function

The input source screen can be captured and used as BKG.

Support stitching loading

It can support the splicing of up to 4 devices to realize the large display screen loading.

Support intelligent control software V-Can for operation control

Support scene presets

Up to 10 user scenes can be created and saved as templates for easy use.

Supports EDID management

Support user-defined EDID and preset EDID.

Support personalized image quality scaling

Supports three screen zoom modes, including point-to-point, full-screen and custom zoom.

Input supports decimal frame rate

Fractional frame rates supported: 23.98, 29.97, 59.94.

Supports various BKG settings

Customizable selection of solid colors or pictures.
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