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Novastar NovaPro UHD is the latest All-in-One video controller. It integrates video processing, video control and LED screen configuration into one. NovaPro UHD has a variety of video signal receiving function and full HD 4K × 2K @ 60Hz, 8K × 1K @ 60Hz image processing capability and maximum loading capacity of 8.8 million pixels. NovaPro UHD has a built-in Master VI intelligent platform that supports operations such as layer creation and property setting and configuration by mouse, keyboard and monitor. NovaPro UHD can send processed video to LED display through Neutrik network port and fiber port. NovaPro UHD's powerful video processing and sending capabilities can be widely used in the high-end rental,stage event and small pixel pitch LED display.

All-in-one video controller NovaPro UHD

Product type: All-in-one video controller

Load capacity: 8.8 million pixels

Input resolution: 4K × 2K @ 60Hz

Video input interface: 4 12G-SDI, 1 DP 1.2, 1 HDMI 2.0, 4 HDMI 1.3

Output interface: 16 network ports, 4 OPT1 ~ 4, 1 MVR, 1 AUX

Support zoom: support

Custom EDID: Support

Picture in Picture: Support

Source switching effects: Support

Support splicing: support

GenLock Genlock: Supported

Support loop-out: GENLOCK INLOOP

Control method: PC, cascade

Certification: FCC, IC, EMC, UL / CUL, CB, CE, ROHS 10, EAC

Support multiple input interfaces, including 4 12GSDI with loop output, 1 HDMI2.0 with loop output, 1 DP1.2.

Supports up to 2 4K × 2K and 4 2K × 1K layers, and supports layer scaling.

Supports 1 optional daughter card with 4 input interfaces, and DVI / HDMI daughter card can be selected. The default is the HDMI input daughter card.

Supports 16 Neutrik network ports and 4 fiber outputs, with a load of up to 8.8 million pixels.

Support 6 independent layers, 1 independent OSD, 1 independent LOGO and 1 independent BKG setting.

OSD supports 4K × 2K, and supports OSD interception, opacity adjustment, dynamic and still picture addition, and OSD position adjustment.

It supports 16 Neutrik network port outputs and 4 10G optical fiber outputs, of which 4 optical fiber outputs support two modes of replication and hot backup.

Supports priority adjustment of layers in Z order.

The maximum width or height of a single device can reach 8K.

It supports low-latency output and delay of about 3 frames from the input source to LED receiving card.

Support MultiViewer preview setting, you can set input source, PVW, PGM, or hybrid preview.

Layers support opacity adjustment, alien layers, layer masks, layer overlays, layer duplication, layer mirroring, and layer flipping.

Supports quick and advanced screen matching.

Support HDR function to enhance the detail of the picture.

Built-in Master VI intelligent platform, which can perform LED display configuration, layer configuration and other operations through external mouse, keyboard and display.

Support internal 10bit processing.
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