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Novastar MRV328 Receiver Card
  • Novastar MRV328
  • Novastar MRV328
Novastar MRV328Novastar MRV328

Novastar MRV328 Receiver Card

Product Details
Novastar MRV328 Receiver Card MRV328

Product type: Universal LED receiving card

Loaded pixels: 256 × 256

RGB data: 16 groups of RGB

Connection monitoring card: None

Light board Flash: None

Onboard: 8 standard HUB75

Certification: RoHS

Novastar MRV328 is a new receiving card with a single card carrying 256 × 256 pixels,Novastar LED MRV328 supports illuminance correction one by one, which effectively eliminates chromatic aberration, significantly improves the consistency of LED picture display, and brings more delicate pictures to users.

The hardware and software design of Novastar receiver card MRV328 fully consider the scenarios of user deployment, system operation and maintenance, making deployment easier, more stable operation, and more efficient maintenance.

Hardware design

Gigabit Ethernet port can be used to connect to the PC.

Integrate 8 standard HUB75 interfaces, without HUB board.

Software design:

Support temperature, voltage, network cable communication and video source signal status detection.

Supports light-on chroma correction.

Support receiving card pre-stored picture setting.

Support 5Pin LCD module.
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