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Novastar DH418 Receiver Card
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  • Novastar DH418
Novastar DH418Novastar DH418

Novastar DH418 Receiver Card

Product Details
Novastar DH418 Receiver Card

Product type: Universal LED receiving card

Loaded pixels: 256 × 256

RGB data: 16 groups of RGB

Connect the monitoring card:None

Light Board Flash:None

Onboard: 8 HUB75 interfaces

Certification: RoHs

Novastar DH418 is a cost-effective LED receiving card with carrying maximum of 256 × 256 pixels and supporting up to 16 sets of RGB  data. Novastar DH418 adopts 8 HUB75 interfaces with high stability and high reliability, Novastar DH418 is suitable for various LED displays.

The hardware design and software design of Novastar DH418 fully make the client use, operation and maintenance more easier,stable and efficient.

Supports light-on chroma correction.

Support receiving card pre-stored picture setting.

Supports temperature and voltage monitoring.

Supports RGB independent gamma adjustment.

Support error code monitoring.

Support fast light and dark line adjustment.

Support 3D function.

Support firmware program and configuration parameter read back.

Support Mapping function.

Support box LCD display.

Support loop backup, configuration parameter dual backup, dual program backup.

Improve reliability

Dual backup

The receiving card is stored with two pieces when it delivery the factory to prevent the receiving card from deadlocking due to  program update process.

Loop backup

The reliability of cascading network cables between receiving cards is increased through the active-standby redundancy mechanism. when one of the lines fails, the other line will work immediately to ensure that the LED screen works normally.

Improve display effect

RGB independent Gamma adjustment

With the independent master and NovaLCT (V5.2.0 and above) that support RGB independent Gamma adjustment, the “Red Gamma”, “Green Gamma”, and “Blue Gamma” are adjusted separately to effectively control LED display low-gray and white balance and other issues make the picture more nature.

Supports per-light chroma correction

With NovaLCT and NovaCLB, the brightness and chromaticity of each LEDs are corrected to effectively eliminate the color difference, so that the brightness and chromaticity of LED screen are highly uniform and improve the quality of picture.

Fast light and dark line adjustment

Quickly adjust the light and dark lines on NovaLCT to solve the light and dark lines on the LED display caused by the splicing of the cabinet and module. The adjustment takes effect immediately.

3D function

With the independent master that supports 3D function.

Improve maintainability

Configuration parameter readback

Configuration parameters of receiving card can be read back on NovaLCT and saved locally.

Error monitoring

With NovaLCT (V5.2.0 and above) detects the network communication quality between the sending controller and the receiving card or between the receiving card and the receiving card, records the number of error and helps to eliminate the hidden problem of network communication.

Temperature and voltage monitoring

It can monitor its own temperature and voltage without the need for other peripherals. You can check the temperature and voltage of the receiving card on NovaLCT.

Firmware program readback

On NovaLCT, the firmware of the receiving card can be read back and saved locally.

Mapping function

After enabling the Mapping function on NovaLCT, the cabinet will show the receiving card number and network port information, which can clearly get the location.
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