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Novastar Receiving card A9s

Loaded pixels: 512 × 512

Color-by-light color correction: Support

Automatic reading of correction coefficient: support

RCFG backup and read-back: support

RGB data: 32 groups

Light Board Flash: Support

Mapping: Support

Dual card backup: Support

18bit + (4x gray scale boost): None

ClearView: None

Novastar A9s is a small-size, full-featured high-end LED receiver card, with a single card carrying 512 × 512 (PWM IC) pixels.Novastar A9s supports color-by-light color correction by NovaLCT and NovaCLB, the brightness and chromaticity of each light point are corrected to effectively eliminate color differences and significantly improve the consistency of the LED video wall. Rotate multiple times to make the picture richer and bring the ultimate visual experience to the user. The hardware design and software design of Novastar A9s fully consider the user's deployment, operation, and maintenance scenarios,which making deployment easier, more stable operation and more efficient maintenance.

Advanced hardware design:

Adopt high-density connector interface, dustproof and shockproof, with high stability and high reliability.

It adopts small-size hardware design, which is suitable for small cabinet space and small-pitch application scenarios.

The integrated network transformer simplifies the design and improves the electromagnetic compatibility, which helps users' products to pass the EMC certification smoothly.

Software design:

Support 3D function.

Support module automatic correction.

Support 5pin LCD module.

Supports LVDS transmission (supported by dedicated firmware program).

Supports intelligent modules (supported by dedicated firmware programs).

Support receiving card pre-stored picture setting.

Support flash board flash management.

Supports quick seam repair.

Supports 90-degree rotation of the screen.

Supports self-voltage and temperature monitoring without the need for other peripherals.

Support network cable communication status monitoring (supported by special firmware program).

Supports Mapping.
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