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Linsn RV908M32 receiver card
  • Linsn RV908M32
Linsn RV908M32

Linsn RV908M32 receiver card

Product Details
Linsn RV908M is a receiver card without adapter plate design. It is completely compatible with RV901,equivalent to RV901 + HUB75 (supporting 32 scans) adapter board.

Onboard 12 HUB75 (supports 32 scan) 16P interfaces, and up to 4 network ports;

Support high-gray under high refresh;

Support dual receiver card hot backup for demanding performance screens;

Support pixel failure detection (requires special chip support);

Support universal driver chip, most of PWM driver chip;

Support 12-bit HDMI color input (requires 9th generation sending card);

Support configuration file readback;

Support network cable error test;

Using an 18-bit signal processor, supporting a maximum of 18-bit (260,000 levels) gray levels of red, green and blue;

A single card supports a maximum of 24 groups of RGB data;

A single card supports a maximum of 1024X768 pixels;

Support 138 decoding, 595 serial decoding and other decoding methods;

Support single card chroma space transformation, chroma and brightness point by point correction;

Meet EU RoHs standards;

Support cable fault detection;

Conform to EU CE-EMC Class B standard;

Compared with Linsn RV908T / RV908H,Linsn RV908M has newly added E signal, which can support up to 32 scans of data,also adding a group of network ports, up to 4 network ports, which can realize hot backup function.
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