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Linsn RV320 Receiving Card

Linsn RV320 Receiving Card

Product Details
Linsn RV320 receiving card single card supports maximum of 512X512 pixels, 32 group of RGB data, 8 interfaces, which can achieve high gray and high refresh and brightness correction,Linsn RV320 is widely used in indoor and outdoor fixed LED screens.

single card supports a maximum of 512X512 pixels;

single card can output 32 sets of RGB data;

support network cable error test;

support 138 decoding, 595 serial decoding and other decoding methods;

support point-by-point brightness correction, single card chroma space conversion;

support configuration file readback;

Comply with EU CE-EMC Class B standard;

supports high brush and high ash for most chips;

Meet EU RoHs standards;

Receiving Card RV320 Working Conditions

Rated voltage: 5V maximum 5.5 minimum 4.5

Rated current: 0.8 A maximum 0.87 minimum 0.73

Rated power consumption: 4 W maximum 4.8 minimum 3.3

Working environment temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 75 ℃

Wet working environment: 0% ~ 95%
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