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Colorlight S2 sending card
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Colorlight S2Colorlight S2Colorlight S2

Colorlight S2 sending card

Product Details
The Colorlight S2 LED sending card is a new generation of sending cards. The chip is fully upgraded and significantly improved performance,Colorlight S2 sending card uses two USB2.0 interfaces as communication interfaces to achieve high-speed communication between PC and sending card and convenient and reliable multi-card cascading. Colorlight S2 uses the PCI-E 1X interface, which is more versatile,Colorlight S2 is perfect for small area LED displays.

· Using PCI-E 1X interface, more versatile;

· Input resolution: maximum 1920 × 1200 points, support arbitrary resolution setting;

· 2 gigabit network port outputs, supporting two splicing up and down, left and right;

· Support low light and high gray;

· Support audio input, synchronous transmission via network cable;

· Support DVI video signal input;

· Support DC 3.8 ~ 12V ultra-wide working voltage, stronger adaptability;

· Double USB interface for data communication, convenient for cascading and splicing, strict synchronization;

· The maximum loading area of a single card: 1.3 million points, the widest can reach 2560 points, or the highest can reach 2560 points;

· Support the full range of Colorlight receiving cards.
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