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Colorlight i5A-905
  • Colorlight i5A-905
  • Colorlight i5A-905
  • Colorlight i5A-905
Colorlight i5A-905Colorlight i5A-905Colorlight i5A-905

Colorlight i5A-905

Product Details
The Colorlight i5A-905 LED receiving card is a series of increasingly compact and lightweight LED screen such as die-cast aluminum box LED screens. It inherits all the technical advantages and characteristics of the Colorlight i5A LED receiving card. At the same time,Colorlight i5A-905 has unique dual-receive backup function, which supports one cabinet with two LED receiver cards, which are backups for each other, making it more reliable at critical times.

· Detailed processing is more perfect, which can eliminate details such as dark, reddish gray, and ghosts caused by unit board design;

· Single card supports 16 groups of RGBR 'signal output, up to 24 groups of RGB signal output;

· A new generation of processing cores, perfect display effect;

· Support 14bit precision point-by-point correction, brightness integration point-by-point correction;

· Support DC 3.3V ~ 6V ultra-wide operating voltage, effectively reducing the impact of voltage fluctuations;

· Support arbitrary pumping points, data offset, and can easily realize various special-shaped screens, spherical screens, creative LED displays

· Small size, designed for lightweight structures such as color screens and die-cast aluminum boxes;

· No external power supply design, power supply to receiving card through adapter board, increase hardware stability;

· One card supports all chips, no need to switch or upgrade programs;

· Support conventional chips to achieve high refresh, high grayscale, and high brightness;

· New grayscale engine, low grayscale performance is better;

· Supports large load area;

· Advanced design, high-quality components, fully automatic high and low temperature aging test, leave the factory without failure;

· Support level 1 Grayscale;

· Supports multiple backup modes such as dual receiving card backup, loop backup, dual machine backup, and truly seamless switching;

· Support any scan type between static screen and 1/2 ~ 1/32 scan;

· Support all colorlight sending box such as  Z series, X series, S series, C series.
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