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Colorlight i5 receiver card
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Colorlight i5Colorlight i5

Colorlight i5 receiver card

Product Details
The Colorlight i5 LED receiving card is a small-size universal receiving card with size of only 68 * 36mm. Colorlight i5 uses DDR2 SODIMM interface, which can realize highly integrated LED display module. In addition to all the functions of current mainstream LED receiving cards,Colorlight i5 also supports 32 group of RGB data output, which can easily support all mainstream LED display modules.

· Single card supports 256 * 256 pixels;

· Support any scan type between 1 ~ 1/32 scan;

· Support 14bit precision chroma and brightness integration point-by-point correction;

· Small and ultra-thin dimensions, convenient for box design;

· Single card supports 32 groups of RGB signals output in parallel;

· Support DC3.3V ~ 6V ultra-wide working voltage;
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