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Colorlight 5A-75E Receiving Card
  • Colorlight 5A-75E
Colorlight 5A-75E

Colorlight 5A-75E Receiving Card

Product Details
Colorlight 5A-75E LED receiving card is a cost-effective product to better help customers save costs and reduce failure points. On the basis of making full use of the technical advantages of the Colorlight 5A LED receiving card, the most common HUB75 adapter board on the market is integrated into the LED receiving card, which is more reliable, worry-free, and more affordable under the premise of ensuring high-quality display effects.

· Integrated HUB75, no need to match the adapter board, more convenient and lower cost;

· Support high-precision integrated chroma and brightness point-by-point correction;

· Advanced design, high-quality components, fully automatic high and low temperature aging test, leave the factory without failure;

· Support DC 3.3V ~ 6V ultra-wide operating voltage, effectively reducing the impact of voltage fluctuations;

· Support all conventional chips, PWM chips and lighting chips;

· New gray-scale engine, better low gray-scale performance;

· Detailed processing is more perfect, which can eliminate details such as dark, reddish gray, and ghosts caused by unit board design;

· Reduce the number of plug-in connections, reduce points of failure, and lower failure rates;

· Support conventional chips to achieve high refresh, high gray-scale, and high brightness;

· Single card supports 32 sets of RGB signal output;

· Supports large load area;

· Support any scanning type between static screen and 2 ~ 64 scan;

· Support arbitrary pumping points, data offset, and can easily realize various special-shaped screens, spherical screens, creative displays

· Supports a full range of Colorlight sending box.
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