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Colorlight i9 receiving card
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Colorlight i9

Colorlight i9 receiving card

Product Details
Colorlight i9 LED receiving card is a small-size high-end universal receiving card with a size of only 67.6 * 35.5mm. Colorlight I9 uses DDR2 SODIMM interface, which can be easily integrated into the adapter board or led module board to achieve a highly integrated  led panel, The design of led display board and structure is more flexible and convenient. The Colorlight i9 has all the functions of current mainstream receiving cards, and a series of practical and powerful functions for high-end LED screens, bringing value-added  to customer.

· Support 14bit precision chroma and brightness integrated point-by-point correction

· Support low light and high gray;

· Support color temperature adjustment and color gamut adjustment;

· Support box temperature, humidity, power supply and other parameters monitoring and fan control;

· Support advanced sewing;

· Fast upgrade and fast sending of correction coefficients;

· Support LCD liquid crystal display;

· Single card supports 384 * 256 pixels;

· Single card supports 32 groups of RGB signals output in parallel;

· Support any scan type between 1 ~ 64 scans;

· Support arbitrary drawing points, can easily achieve creative LED displays such as shaped LED screens, spherical LED screens;

· Support HDR;

· Support low latency;

· Support dual card backup, dual power backup;

· Support calibration sequence;

· Support smart modules: store correction coefficients, module parameters, etc ;

· Supports a full range of Colorlight sending card.
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