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Linsn L6 Controller
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Linsn L6

Linsn L6 Controller

Product Details
Linsn L6 is a synchronous and asynchronous multimedia video player.It supports load capacity 2.6 million pixel;

Support asynchronous synchronous dual mode;

Support multiple media formats, videos, pictures, animations, etc .;

Support local U disk playback, LAN playback;

Support brightness correction and chroma correction

Four network ports output, 2 network ports with screen, 2 network ports redundant backup.

Support full color static to 32 scans, real pixels / virtual pixels;

Support multiple program contents;

Support HDMI input, HDMI output;

Support WIFI, 4G and Internet

Support local U disk program import and playback;

Full chip support;

The number of gray levels can be set, up to 16-bit 65536 gray levels are supported;

Refresh: 3840Hz, static 6000Hz;

Power supply 12V / 2A

Power consumption 20W

Working environment temperature (℃) -20 ℃ ~ 75 ℃

Working environment humidity (%) 0% ~ 95%

Weight 0.65KG
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