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Linsn L3 Controller
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Linsn L3

Linsn L3 Controller

Product Details
Linsn L3 is an asynchronous broadcast video player. It can be connected to release programs by WIFI, cable, 4G and other methods. one video processor supports maximum load capacity of 1.3 million points.

Support WIFI, 4G, and Internet

Dual network port output, one network port with screen, other network port can be redundantly backed up.

Support local U disk playback, LAN playback;

Support network screen adjustment.

Support multiple media formats, videos, pictures, animations, etc .;

Support maximum load capacity of 1.3 million points;

Support a variety of program content;

Support for temperature and brightness sensors.

RESET restore factory settings

WIFI WIFI on / off

AP AP hotspot on / off

ETH internet status

RUN running indicator

PWR power indicator

4G 4G signal indicator

CLOUD cloud release indicator

SYS system indicator

SD SD card

SIM 4G card

TEMP temperature sensor

LIGHT brightness sensor

4G 4G antenna

WIFI-AP WIFI hotspot antenna


LAN / WAN LAN / Internet

USB U disk playback

Audio OUT 3.5MM audio output

LED OUT connected to display, maximum load 65W points

BACK UP Connect to the display and backup output. Maximum load 65W points

Adapter 12V / 2A

Power 20W

Working environment temperature (℃) -20 ℃ ~ 75 ℃

Working environment humidity (%) 0% ~ 95%

Weight  0.65Kg
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