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Linsn L2 Controller
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Linsn L2

Linsn L2 Controller

Product Details
Linsn L2 is a synchronous and asynchronous video controller system,which supports WIFI, LAN and U disk asynchronous playback and input HDMI signals for synchronous playback. Linsn L2 player is suitable for video advertising and poster advertising.

The maximum width is 1920 points, and height 1080 points.

Support HDMI signal input synchronous display.

Single network port output, supporting load capacity 650,000 points ;

Support WIFI, LAN, USB, U disk program import and playback;

Support network display adjustment

Support multiple media formats, videos, pictures, animations, etc;

The number of gray levels can be up to 16 65536 levels of gray;

Full chip support;

Refresh frequency: 3840Hz, static screen 6000Hz;

Support a variety of program content;

Support full color static to 32 scans, real pixels / virtual pixels;

Adapter 12V / 2A

Power 15W

Working environment temperature (℃) -20 ℃ ~ 75 ℃

Working environment humidity (%) 0% ~ 95%

Weight (KG) 0.5
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