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transparent led panel

LED transparent Display

Transparent led panel with high-transparency and high-brightness. high-transparency design ensure good viewing effect and amazing light throughout. High brightness ensure the good performance in the daytime which is widely used in large-scale building facade and glass wall, super shopping, conference and exhibition center halls, auto 4s store, etc.

transparent led panel

Ultra light,Strong Structure

Lightweight panel,delicate outline,technology and art combination 35% more lightweight than other same transparent led display

transparent led panel

Fast Installation,No Noise

Fast lock,simple connectors,10 seconds to finish each panel installation; Fanless design makes it work noiseless, and energy-saving;

transparent led panel

High Transparency,High Brightness

Over 70% to 90%, good daylightting and delicate decoration;5000~6000nits, perfect viewing effect for daytime outdoor;



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Transparent LED Panel

No matter where you are, no matter what screen you need,our customized solutions, high quality and competitive price makes your Transparent LED Panel more attractive!

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