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Transparent led display

LED Transparent display

LED Transparent Display support fast installation and easy maintenance, with high brightness and high transparency to get the excellent visual effect!

Transparent LED Screen

Transparent LED Screen

Transparent LED Display is ideal to apply at building facades, financial institutions, brand chain stores, shopping centers,airports, stages and events etc!


Transparent LED Display

High transparency

The minimum pixel pitch of led display module is 3mm, can play HD video. More than 90% transparency.

High refresh rate

High contrast ratio 1500:1,stunning color,dyamicimage and eye-catching;

High stability

The spare system for signal and power, avoid the led display failure rate ,and the stability increase 50% more than standard one.

Transparent LED Panel
LED Transparent Screen
Transparent LED Display|500mm*500mm
Transparent LED Display|1000mm*500mm

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