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LED Display Screen Viewing Distance Calculator

  LED display is a relatively hot new media technology. Compared with other display technologies such as LCD screen and projection, LED display has the advantages of bright color, stable display, long service life and wide visible range, and it has been applied and developed in the fields of commercial advertisement, intelligent Monitoring, high-end conference, command center and so on. For users, the LED screen viewing distance (visual range) is very important, it will affect the spread of advertising coverage and user viewing perspective.

  So, what should be the best and farthest distance of the LED display? To understand the LED Display screen distance calculation method first need to understand the LED display point pitch. The point pitch of LED display is the center distance between each pixel point of LED display screen to each neighboring pixel point, the point pitch is usually expressed by P, and the MM is the unit of calculation, the P10 means the pixel pitch of the LED display screen is 10mm.

  The calculation formula for the best and farthest distance of the LED display in the industry is as follows:

  The best and farthest range of the LED Display screen calculation method

  RGB color mixing distance from three colors to a single color: LED full screen distance = pixel pitch (mm) x500~ pixel pitch (mm) x1000

  The minimum viewing distance to show smooth image distance: LED Display visual distance = pixel pitch (mm) x1000

  The most suitable viewing distance from the viewer can see the height of clear screen: LED display best range = pixel pitch (mm) x3000~ pixel pitch (mm) x1000

  The farthest viewing distance : LED display farthest visual range = screen height (m) x30 (Times)

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