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p2.5 fine pixel pitch led display
  • p2.5 fine pixel pitch led display
  • p2.5 fine pixel pitch led display
  • p2.5 fine pixel pitch led display
p2.5 fine pixel pitch led display p2.5 fine pixel pitch led display p2.5 fine pixel pitch led display

p2.5 LED Display

Pixel Pitch: 2.50mm

Brightness: ≥500nits


Pixel Configuration:SMD


Product Details

Ultra-fine pitch LED video wall displays adopts high tensity and fine pitch SMD encapsulation LED as display panel. It supports seamless splice so as to form high resolution digital display system, and meets multiple demands in different fields, such as radio and television, command and control, video surveillance and conference featuring high resolution. The outstanding performance of the technology facilitate its leadership in future display for indoor.Ultra-fine pitch LED video wall displays available in 1.5,1.9 and 2.5 millimeter pixel pitches.


Fits More Installation Environments

Fine Pixel Pitch Series LED video wall displays feature an all-in-one, simple-to-deploy design that enhances application possibilities and improves installation efficiency. Fine Pixel Pitch Series LED display size works well in small or large spaces, as well as for concave curved video walls. Constructed in light-weight, thermally-efficient magnesium alloy cabinet, Fine Pixel Pitch Series provides improved heat dissipation and faster, easier single-person handling during installation.


16:9 Aspect Ratio for Popular Resolutions

With a perfect screen ratio of 16:9, Fine Pixel Pitch Series HD LED display could be easily connected in consistent with frequently-used video proportion of 4:3 or 16:9, which could greatly reduce the installation cost under the dual conditions of prescribed signal source and certain scene.


Support for Front Installation and Maintenance

Module, power supply, receiving card,conversion card, and cables between panels could all be maintained from the front. Additionally, the specially-designed panel could be installed from front as well, which makes it more adaptive to the condition with narrow space.


Support for gap minitrim

The low-cost connecting mechanism could eliminate dark or bright lines between panels effectively and cause no worry of assembly efficiency for the engineers any more.


V-Smooth Technology

The Fine Pixel Pitch Series use CNC machine lines and workshop. Therefore,each panel could be guaranteed to adopt qualified mold processing to reduce the error in an infinite approach to zero.


Comprehensive Image Control Capabilities

For LED video wall image control, Fine Pixel Pitch Series uses LED Control Software for image set-up and adjustment. The Windows-based software communicates to the video wall via LAN, enabling set-up and control of parameters like brightness, RGB color space and gamma gray scale. It allows for electronic seam correction to optimize uniformity on even the most perfectly installed video walls. Fine Pixel Pitch Series LED displays also support a serial command set that can be invoked via RS232 or LAN connection.


Compact, Reliable and Easy to Service

The Fine Pixel Pitch Series is architected to deliver what matters for quick installation and service. Fine Pixel Pitch Series display includes two standard HDMI input and loop-output pairs, meeting HDCP compliance and redundancy needs. The Fine Pixel Pitch Series LED displays are available with single or dual power supplies, with the dual power supply options adding a level of redundancy. For quick servicing, The Fine Pixel Pitch Series components can be accessed by removing the rear cover. The Fine Pixel Pitch Series compact, all-in-one design locates video power, control and redundancy in one location, requiring no external boxes or converters.


Pixel Configuration SMD2020
Pixel pitch 2.5
Pixel density (dots/m2) 156972
Cabinet size ( mm ) 400( W ) × 300 ( H ) × 66 ( D )
Cabinet weight (kg ) 4.6
White Balance Brightness   (nits ) ≥ 500
Color Temperature (K) 6000-8000 adjustable
Viewing Angle (Horizontal / Vertical) 160/160
Brightness / chromaticity uniformity ≥97%
Contrast 4000 : 1
Peak power consumption (W / m2) 350
Average power consumption (W / m2) 150
Power supply requirements AC90 ~ 264V, frequency frequency 47-63Hz)
Drive mode Constant current drive, 1/30 scan
Grayscale level 65536
Refresh rate (Hz) ≥ 1920
Number of color processing bits 14bit
Video playback capabilities 2K HD , 4K HD

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