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Stage LED Display

FINE PIXEL LED stage LED screen are lightweight, provide better resolution and portable performance. With our professional trained team, these concert LED screens can prove to be an asset for any organizing team.

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  Any performance on a big stage remains incomplete if the audience are not able to enjoy it fully. They pay to buy tickets to see the performance of the artists they love, take the pain to come to the venue from far off places sometimes in challenging weather conditions, wait for hours and adjust with the crowd onsite. Artists live with the larger than life persona and what better to bring their fan’s expectation to life with concert LED screens.
  People who work behind the scene work tirelessly to make the stage performances a success. Imagine being able to see the artists, costumes, equipment and their expressions up close even from a distance in a large auditorium. Stage LED Screens bring this visual experience to life.
  LED screens not only brighten up the dark corners around the stage but also provide minute-to-minute best moments coverage of the events and performances and make the event more interactive.
  These LED screens are a worthy investment to make any stage event a successful one. Large stage LED screens especially allow good viewership angles for audience and maintain interest of people.
  Any good camera team knows how to efficiently use LED screens to add grandeur to the stage, cover moments of awe and show delightful fans also on these screens. It makes people so happy to see themselves on large screens cheering and having a great time.
  With a life of over 10,000 hours, concert LED screens are a much better investment option compared to traditional visual display mediums like TV’s and projectors. With unsurpassed image quality and fine color balance, the vision appeal of the event will be enhanced multifold with these.
  More than one LED screens may be aligned horizontally and vertically to create a LED wall on the stage and cover areas of stage you would not want audience to see and add a bright streak to the place. With larger screen, the visibility of the stage events can be shown well even from a distance providing a good viewing experience for short heighted and long-sighted people as well.
  LED screens are much in demand for stage and concert performances or led screen for church these days. They are fashionable, trendy, useful and affordable too. They are used to display not just the coverage of the actual events but name of concert, timings, public announcements and any other information that organizers might want to broadcast in the huge swell of crowd. This broadcast of valuable information and messages would not have been possible otherwise.
  For sponsors and advertisers, led screen manufacturer-FINE PIXEL provide rental led display can be an extremely useful advertising medium. They can display their ads and promo offers between performances and organizers can tie-up with sponsors to use the time slots between stage performances to engage the audience and not let them get bored. This also provides enough time for organizers to direct people’s attention away from stage and allow them to re-arrange the setting easily.
  With pre-recorded content, well-designed graphics and live coverage from multiple camera feeds both from inside and outside the venue, any well-coordinated production team and help make the concert or stage event a success. With coordinated display on multiple LED display screens set on both sides of the stage, production team can ensure guaranteed visibility for everyone irrespective of age or height.
  Concert LED screens and large Stage LED screens are a visual delight and can instantly attract attention of everybody present in the vicinity, engage them and make their viewing experience a delightful one. Modern LED screens are lightweight, provide better resolution and are portable too. With the right selection of accessories and trained team of display professionals, these concert LED screens can prove to be an asset for any organizing team.
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