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Street light pole LED display screens are now fast replacing traditional billboards and banners. These advertising billboards have been used to show ads, they have limited visibility and appeal.

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  Digital display technology has transformed the way outdoor advertising is done for many years. It is now much more in demand due to its higher visual appeal and offers monetary value for promotional budget set aside for advertising.

     Street light pole LED display screens are now fast replacing traditional billboards and banners. These advertising billboards have been used to show ads, they have limited visibility and appeal. They are also easy to miss anyone’s attention, sometimes difficult to see in bright light and not visible at night.

     With posters and billboards, one has to hire a service company to replace them periodically or when their lease expires and new advertisers want their ad to be show cased there. This is usually a cumbersome and time-consuming exercise and cannot be done repeatedly.

     Street light pole LED displays are easy to install and display ads in vibrant colors with engaging content. They are brightly lit to catch attention even on sunny days and in dark nights. They are especially useful to advertising spaces like malls, restaurants, railway stations, bus stops, airports, tourist attractions and places where footfall is high and ad is more noticeable.

     Street light pole LED display boards are also useful for places where companies and management wants to display parking signs, important messages and so on. Street light pole Outdoor LED displays are also very effective to advertise your brand or messages outside malls, hospitals or business establishment. You can make your office a landmark that passersby remember with outdoor LED advertising billboards.

     By adding colors, and moving images, you can make your street pole LED ad more informative and insightful. This combined with the ease of changing content, ads and campaigns remotely, make street pole LED display spaces relevant for a single company or a single buyer throughout the year.

     Compared to traditional ad spaces, street pole LED screens can cover large stretches of roads, indoor walkable spaces to display useful information as they are visible from a distance. These screens can be set up at any desirable height, so they become convenient to see by everyone including elderly children. They offer convenience of choice of shape and size including flat and curved. Shapes can vary from square, rectangular or others.

     Moreover, multiple concurrent screens can be added to enhance screen space and make the ad visible. Other advertising mediums do not offer this level of flexibility. At busy indoor large spaces where smaller versions of street pole LED’s and areas with heavy traffic, they can be hard to miss the eyes.

     With hydraulic mounting system, remote content control and changes offered, street light pole LED display board are a worthy investment. They are made in a sturdy manner to withstand rough weather, be it rain, winds or intense heat due to sun in the afternoon. These unique qualities make them an all-rounder for all weather conditions.

     With true to life image quality, high color ratio and engaging messages, LED signs can prove to be a game changer in your outdoor advertising strategy. Businesses have found outdoor street pole LED signs to be extremely useful to announce launch of new products, teasers and trailers, seasonal discounts, festive offers and frequently changing campaigns.

     You can hire street light pole LED display boards and China led display experts to design moving and engaging ads for your campaign and get the most out of your investment. Make the most of outdoor LED display technology to spread your message and target a wider audience base. In this context, street light pole LED display screens are a worthy investment.

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