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  Difference between P10 LED display and P16 led display?

  1. The pixel pitch of led display:pixel pitch of P10 led display is 10mm and P16 is 16mm;

  2. The number of pixels: P10 led display is 10000 dot/m2,P16 is 3906 dot/m2;

  3. The module size: the module size of P10 led screen is 160mm*160mm,P16 is 256mm*128mm;

  4. The led lamp type, P10 led screen generally use SMD 1R1G1B,P16 use DIP 1R1G1B;

  P10 and P16 led display is used for outdoor advertising led display, except P10 and P16 led video wall,  P6, P8, P20, P25 also can done! Of course, the smaller pixel pitch, the higher density and the better clear effect. When you want to buy outdoor led display, it is necessary to know actual viewing distance.

  P10 led display and P16 led display visual distance

  P10 outdoor led screen is suitable for area more than 30 square meters, and the best visual distance is more than 15 meters; P16 outdoor led screen is suitable for area more than 100 square meters, and the visual distance is more than 50 meters; compared with P10 and P16, P10 has higher definition than P16. Nowday, P10 and P8 led display is shared outdoor market;

  Which is better for P10 led display and P16 led display

  The lower the pixel, the lower the resolution, the lower the price, but it is not enough to say that P16 is bad, because P16 led display is suitable for the farther viewing distance, P16 led xreen is suitable for 20-200m, and has clear image and display effect.

  Led display has so many pixel pitch and types, indoor, outdoor, semi-outdoor, each can be divided into monochrome, two-color, full-color led display,FINE PIXEL LED is a professional China led display manufacturer,our products include:indoor HD led wall, p1.2 p1.5 p1.9,rental led display,P2.97,p3.91,p4.81,p5.95, outdoor full-color specifications,p4,p5,p6,p8 p10 p16 and p20 etc,welcome to contact us to talks details if you need large led screen!

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