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Mobile Advertising Trailer LED Screen For Sale

trailer led screen
E-F4 Trailer LED Screen

E-F4 mobile trailer led screen cabinet thinkness is more thin,lightweight,waterproof IP65,pixel pitch from 4mm to 10mm,can be used for advertising, marking boards, message boards, event calendars and information announcement;

trailer led signs
E-F12 Trailer LED Screen

E-F12 double folding mobile trailer LED Signs can realize 360°visible range of LED screen,improving the propaganda effect.

  Advertising in any form aims at catching people’s attention and informing them about the advantages and offerings of the brand. These days’ mobile advertising technologies are becoming very popular and trendy. Gone are the days of billboards, posters, hoardings and other traditional medium of advertising. These ultra high-definition (HD) widescreen LED screens are topping the charts in outdoor and indoor advertising.
  If you really want to influence people with moving messages, Trailer LED screens have given a whole new meaning to moving messages that grab attention, interest and make people take notice of your advertisement. These trailer LED screens work perfectly as moving billboards and can be mounted at a height to enhance visibility and high brightness that makes it easily readable and noticeable in the bright sunlight as well.
  With ever-increasing road traffic, you can be sure of making your mobile trailer LED screen ad noticed by a large number of people commuting on the road and by lanes. These trailer LED screens are perfect for use in outdoor areas of malls, fairs, historical building and places of worship, lounges and airports. Smaller trailer LED screens are perfect for use in indoor spaces of malls, public areas, museums, halls, events and big parties.
  These trailer LED screens can be used for advertising, marking boards, message boards, event calendars and information announcement for people gathered nearby. With UV coating for sun protection and high resolution that ensure long life of the screen and optimal display, bigger LED screen display are just as perfect as the regular indoor ones.
  With high 16:9 ratio and adjustable brightness options, your mobile advertising trailer LED screen can display your ads strongly and visibly. The advantage with LED screens is that with high brightness and easy visibility, they become easily noticeable. Also, because the screen space is big, height can be adjusted with hydraulics, the text and pictures can be bigger in size, making them readable to people from a distance. These flexible options make trailer LED screens a perfect choice to reach out to senior citizens and children.
  The top China led screen manufacturer-FINE PIXEL LED Provide  trailer LED screens are built with sturdy design and grip, with multiple brightness and remote operation options. Look for the lightweight models and screens that dissipate heat effectively. Besides, these screens are also equipped with noise reduction technology and feature modular designs and grooves to support both indoor and outdoor use. Trailer LED screens can also be customized in length and width and fitted with height adjustable equipment to cater to different ad types and target spaces depending on usage.
  Now you can maximize your display area, your message and maximize your chances of promotion with mobile trailer LED display solutions.
  Trailer LED screens offer over 50% more brightness than traditional display billboards and other visual display solutions that cannot overcome problems of advertising during the day where sunlight is intense. In this regard, it makes sense to use LED screens to engage your audience in all hours. Not only they are more affordable in the long term with long life, but more effective in reaching your target audience and spreading your message.
  With bright and catchy display solutions, mobile trailer LED screens can help you advertise your messages, ads, events on a large scale with full grandeur whether it is day or night. Make the best use of this LED technology to your advantage with these trailer LED screen and promote your business in style. You can also synchronize more than one LED screen horizontally or vertically and create a panoramic display experience for the audience.
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