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Front Maintenance LED Display Cost

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Front Maintenance LED Display

Front LED displays module cost starts somewhere around $500 but the led video wall cost of full cabinets run into a few thousands.

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  Today’s LED technology has drastically changed the way outdoor advertising is done. Against traditional back maintenance LED displays, these days front maintenance LED displays are becoming extremely popular. They are easy to maintain and dissemble, has higher visual appeal, and offers value for advertising investment and running cost.
  The front maintenance LED displays are used in outdoor advertising, big public and private projects, tourism, sports competitions, brand promotion, real estate and hospitality industry.
  Front maintenance LED displays are useful for scenarios where there are restrictions in using back maintenance types, or if there are solid surfaces to which the LED display is fixed. For example, if the LED display screen is to be mounted on a fixed wall for long term use, in these scenarios front LED displays make a practical application.
front maintenance led display

  Front LED displays are easier to work with especially for maintenance people as these are designed to open like a lid (flip type). When the front maintenance LED display cabinet is opened, all components inside like LED cards, power and internet cables, control cards, gas springs etc. can be easily removed or changed.
  LED displays connected to wireless internet especially are made of front maintenance type. These type of LED displays do not require space in the backside panel for maintenance. As there is no requirement of maintenance channel, the screen thickness is less. This also lets views have a longer viewing distance as screen is thin. Indoor advertising benefits much more from front maintenance LED screens.
  Because these LED display types are easy to maintain as there is no requirement of maintenance channel, with some basic training any business owner can maintenance this on their own. There is no need to hire any external service person for front maintenance LED displays. In this sense, there is scope for savings on the maintenance cost front in the long run.
  Besides, China led display screen manufaturer-FINE PIXEL LED provide front led display can save renovation costs of an area especially if you have an office corner or shop space that you want to cover or decorate. Instead of putting in money on renovation work, it is better to invest in these types of LED displays.
  Front maintenance LED displays perform equally well as any other type of display screens. They can be used for both outdoor and indoor display needs and work perfectly well. They are faster to install.
  There are some LED displays that have both back maintenance and front maintenance display screens. These are called double sided LED displays. Front maintenance LED displays are also called front open or front service LED displays.
  Front LED displays module cost starts somewhere around $500 but the led video wall cost of full cabinets run into a few thousands. As the size of the display screen increases, so does the cost.
  You can hire front maintenance LED billboard and digital signage software experts to design engaging ads in line with front maintenance LED’s for your campaign and get the desired return from your investment.
  Make the most of outdoor and indoor front maintenance LED display technology to spread your message and target a wider potential customer base. In this context, front maintenance LED billboards are suitable for solid back surfaces like walls or panels.
  Front maintenance LED displays are feature rich in terms of easy installation, hanging on a wall like painting, easy to maintain and offer convenient part replacement. They are space saving, easier to maintain and with the right display visuals, they can be color coordinated with the rest of the room space and can change the final look of a dull boring place drastically.



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