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Solar Jar LED String Lights

Solar jar lights are taking over the universe and doing so with aplomb! Gone are the days when families hosted friends under shady trees with candle wax and oils of flickering kerosene lamps messing the dinner table. There are now more elegant light options that provide the coziness and ambiance suited for dinner meetings under the lurid and silvery moon.

Fitted with efficient solar panels, these jars can store enough energy to create up to 12 hours of clean-sourced lighting. They are also very portable with artistic containers. For a more natural feel, you can feel these jars with natural elements like seashells and pebble stones. The containers for these jars are made of different materials. However, the two most popular are metal and glass. They can either be placed on a surface or hung from an elevation.

solar jar string lights
These solar-powered lights are the perfect fit for your deck or patio, the missing piece of the decorative jigsaw you’ve been pulling together. They produce sparkles of diffused light that provides your outdoor space or dinner table with color. Before making a solar jar light, there are some considerations you have to make. The following are some of them:

The efficiency of the solar panel

The importance of efficient solar panels in devices that run on solar energy cannot be overemphasized. This is because the solar panels are responsible for storing charge in the day under natural sunlight. To get the most out of your solar jar light, it must contain an efficient solar panel that not only store charge quickly but doesn’t also dissipate in a flash.

The number of bulbs

 This is a valid consideration to make for any lighting accessory. You need to pay attention to how much illumination to a room or space the jar can provide. A fool-proof method of determining this is noting the number of bulbs on the string contained in the jar. The more the number of bulbs, the greater the illumination it provides. 

For best results, go with solar jar lights with bulbs of between 20 and 30. Anything above that will be calling for moths and flying insects and anything below the range is considered too dim.  

Color of LED lights

 LED bulbs are available in a wide range of colors. The most common soalr jar LED light colors are soft white, warm white, and bright white.

Warm and soft white colors have a yellowish hue to them, which is ideal for individuals who cherish a cozy environment. Bright white is more suited for those who are more drawn to a bright and cool space.


 The strength of the solar jar light you are purchasing is some other big factor to consider. Whether you are getting them for indoor or outdoor use, the jar must be strong enough not to crack following a little bump or fall. You have to be sure it is strong enough to stand other elements in the environment.

If you live in a particularly rainy area and you are placing them outdoors, you have to make sure the solar jars and their solar panels are waterproof. Some solar jar lights like mason jars offer protection even from thick, heavy piles of snow.

Alternate power source

Although the sun is an inexpensive and eco-friendly source of energy, it isn’t readily available in all seasons across the year. For this reason, some solar jar lights come with an alternative source of power – batteries. It is best you go for these types.

Final Take!

You are probably already dreamy and mapping out in your head the best locations for your stylish solar jar lights. Looking beyond their designs, they are as beneficial to the environment as they are to you. They are relatively inexpensive, eco-friendly, and run on a sustainable source of energy.

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