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Solar House Number Lights

Homeowners are well aware of the importance of solar house number lights. They understand that its right selection can improve overall aesthetics of the exterior or vice versa. Since house’s exterior makes the first impression, it’s necessary to carefully select number lights so that they look good when visible. They should light up properly and bring down energy consumption as much as possible.

So, the real question here is how to find the right solar house number lights? What are the elements to consider in order to ensure everything looks fine? Let’s find out:

solar house number lights

The first and foremost thing is to measure the extent of mounting to which an owner can go to install solar lights. The size should be visible so that visitors can see the address from distance as well.

After getting the measurements, start searching for clear and readable options. Don’t forget to figure out how far they should be readable from. Yes, if someone wants them to be visible at a reasonable distance, then it’s recommended to go for large light numbers.

Generally, the ideal size for solar house address number lights has a height of 4 inches; but, it also depends how far they should be readable:

If the road is next to the home, 3 inches are enough

If it is 130 to 160 feet away, go for 6 inches

In case of 300 feet away, the size should be at least 10 inches

At the time of measuring the height of solar house number lights, starting from the upper side to the lower one. Don’t think that signage rules have to be followed with respect to vehicle speed, they have no impact on solar number lights because people used to slow down speed on their own in order to locate house numbers.


Always choose a combination to get dark and light contrast with the background so that the house numbers can be seen from the distance easily. However, if a house has a certain color theme on the exterior, owners should maintain the consistency and choose those colors for house numbers as well. The best approach is to always place house numbers on the backplate instead of busy textures like red brick walls because they might not make them pop up for those who are looking for the address.

3.House Number Should Match the Home’s Décor

When it comes to creating a feel and providing inspiration to others, it is recommended to find such number lights that can complement the entire property’s décor.

Modern and minimalist; Go for metallic colors, either on a plaque or individual numbers

Rustic; Have a painted style with light pastel colors in order to give a natural feel or even white with black slate plaque to get that look

Country cottage: Take inspiration from French signs and go for white house numbers on dark blue plaque

Art-deco: When it comes to creating that 1920s or 30s retro feel, there is no better option that warm-toned metal.

4.Font of the Numbers

Practically, simple and sleek house number lights are perfect in terms of visibility. Avoid adding ornate-based fancy fonts because they are not readable from a distance. Ideally, sans serif font such as Helvetica or Arial should be chosen.


In the end, it can be said that solar powered house number lights are the best alternative one can go for. If someone doesn’t like traditional lights because they consume a lot of energy, then they should be the perfect choice.

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