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How to Calculate LED Screen Power Consumption

  The general LED module voltage is 5V, if you measure module current, you can calculate the power of a module, and then based on the number of modules per square meter, you can calculate the power per square meter. The current of the LED screen manufacturer  test module is measured according to the maximum power. we share the calculation method of LED display screen power consumption.

  1, calculate the power consumption of signle color p6 outdoor LED screen

  1) How to Calculate the Power of P6 LED Single Red Module

  Assume that the current of the P6 outdoor single-red module is 5.6A and the voltage is 5V. Then the power of the module = current X voltage = 5.6AX5V = 28W.

  2) How to calculate the whole screen power of P10 LED single red signs

  The size of the P10 outdoor single module is: 320X160mm, the number of full-screen modules is: about 19.5, then the power of the whole screen = single module power X the number of full-screen modules = 28WX19.5 = 550W or so.

  3) P10 outdoor single red screen power consumption calculation method

  In general, all white display, the brightness and power of the module can reach the maximum, but we do not always play full white display during the use, so the power of the whole screen will be reduced, generally only used Between 30-50% of full white power. That is, the power per square meter is between 165W-275W.

  4) P10 outdoor single red full screen power calculation method

  If the electricity cost is calculated at 1.5 yuan per kilowatt, then the electricity fee for outdoor single red per square meter per hour is: 0.2475 yuan - 0.4125 yuan. If the size of the entire screen is 20 square meters, use 10 hours per day, 365 days in one year, then the annual electricity fee for the entire screen is: (0.2475W-0.4125W)*20m2*10h*365 days=18067.5 yuan-30112.5 yuan .

  2. Double-color outdoor LED display power consumption and power costs details

  At the same time, the double-color outdoor LED display consumes the same amount of electricity as the outdoor single-power consumption method. Assume that the power of the P10 outdoor dual-color module is 33W, then the maximum power of the entire screen is 650W, and the actual use is 30%-50%, namely: 195W-325W. The full screen annual electricity fee is: (0.195KW-0.325KW) * 1.5 yuan * 20m2 * 10h * 365 days = 21352.5 yuan - 35587.5 yuan.

  3. Outdoor full-color LED screen power consumption and power costs details

  1) How to calculate the power consumption and electricity cost of outdoor LED display

  The brightness of outdoor LED display is generally about 5500cd/m2-7500cd/m2. In general, the same configuration and type of LED screen, the higher the brightness, the greater the power. Then the maximum power consumption per square meter of outdoor screen is about 700-1200W. The power used for normal play information is generally 280W-480W. If the entire screen is 100 square meters, the annual power consumption is: 102200KW-175200KW. The annual electricity fee is: 153,300 yuan - 262,800 yuan.

  2)Energy-saving  OutdoorLED display power consumption and electricity cost calculation method

  The energy consumption of outdoor energy-saving LED display screens is lower than that of ordinary screens. The voltage of the energy-saving modules is generally around 3.8V-4.2V, and the maximum power of the entire screen is 480W- 600W or so, then the normal playback power used: 192W-240W. If it is still calculated according to 100 square meters, the annual power consumption of the entire screen is: 70080KW-87600KW, and the annual electricity fee is: 105120-131400 yuan.

  Similarly, the power consumption and power fee for indoor signle color and full-color LED displays are also the same. Customers can choose your own LED display according to your needs.

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