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Novastar led control card is mainstream LED display control system in market,LED card is used for receiving display information data from the serial port of the computer. It is the core component of the LED screen control system. The led display control card can be divided into: single and double color LED control card, full color LED control card, 4G wireless LED control card and synchronization LED control card (mainly used for indoor or outdoor full-color led screen) or asynchronous LED control card (mainly used to display various text, symbols and graphics or animation),Novastar LED receiving card, including: Novastar MRV series receiving card, Novastar Armor series receiving card, Novastar DH series receiving card, Nova LED receiving card single card maximum load 512 × 512 pixels, support up to 32 sets of data, 64 sets of serial data, combine sending control MCTRL series,Taurus series or video processor to using for LED traffic information screen, outdoor advertising screen, rental LED screen, car screen, shop screen, etc.
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