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Flexible LED Display Panels

Curved led display

Flexible curved led display can realize S-shape,circle,Arc-shape, both horizontal and vertical can be rolled up, meet the requirement of creative stage led screen;

Flexible LED Display Panels

Ultra-thin and light

Ligh weight, one cabinet only with 2.5kgs, ultra slim with 21mm thickness only.

Flexible LED Display Panel

Module design

Easy to change modules, and convenient to install and dismantle;

Flexible LED Display Panels

High performance

25% transparent rate, ensure the light- through, smoke-through, sound-through;High refresh rate up 2000Hz, confirm the images stably and no strobes;


Flexible curved led display Specification

Pixelpitch P8.75mm(SMD3in1)
PhysicalDensity 13060pixels/m2
LEDShape SMD35283in1
LEDChipbrand Epister/Silan/Sanan
ModuleSize 280×80mm
ModuleResolution 32×9
DriveMode 1/4scaningmode
CabinetSize 280mm*1120mm*21mm(Superslim)
CabinetResolution 32×128
CabinetWeight 2.5kg/pcs(light-weight)
Brightness 1100cd/m2
ViewAngle 140°(h),120°(v)
BestViewDistance 8m-100m
RefreshRate 20000Hz
GrayScale 16bits
Max/AvgPowerConsumption 900Wor360W/M2
OperatingPowerSource Voltage:100~260VAC,50~60Hz
WorkingTemperature (-20ºC~+50ºC)


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Flexible LED Display Panels

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