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Outdoor Mobile LED Screen

mobile led screen

Mobile Trailer Series

Mobile led screen cabinet thinkness is more thin,lightweight,waterproof IP65,pixel pitch from 4mm to 16mm,can be used for advertising,marketing, message display and event;

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  Outdoor mobile LED screen are becoming more and more popular and many industries have used it as simple and convenient marketing tool to enhance brand influence.what is the mobile led display? Mobile led screen is led display mounted on the truck or trailer, which are usually used for high traffic places, such as busy intersections, streets with a lot of pedestrian traffic, you may also see it in large events, what are the advantages of mobile led screen?
  Simple and flexible
  Compared with traditional billboards, The ads of mobile trailer can be quickly changed without spending much time, which is suitable for longer-term events to publicize advertising, you can bring it to different flow areas, and continuously display advertising to get the most return on investment.
  Cost savings
  Compared with traditional billboards,outdoor mobile LED displays are more affordable, can save a lot of advertising printing and labor costs for advertising companies that rent mobile LED trailer or truck.
  maximize visibility
  The trailer led screen is a good marketing tool for spreading information,which can attract the attention of potential customers by display 3D special effects and cool video. The mobile led screen can be configured with different size and pitch led display to archive maximum visibility, They also have a good range of application,whether it is raining or sunny!
  Low cost impressions
  Compared to other outdoor advertising, the cost of mobile led display advertising less than $1 per thousand impressions, Low cost impressions.
  Wide spread
  Studies show that 96% of pedestrians notice mobile led advertising because of they are more interactive.
  Do you know why our mobile led screen is your best choice? Simple, fast and safety  mobile led uses the most advanced LED technology to achieve the best display visual for your event , our mobile led screen advantages:
  Advanced hydraulic system, 16:9 format
  Special closures and cables, fast connection
  360°flexible rotation
  Max up to 6 meters
  Excellent LED video technology
  6.67mm -10mm low pixel pitch
  1920 Hz high refresh and high quality image
  Brightness  automatic adjustment
  Fanless, No noise
  Mobile led trailer screen is a low cost,high impression marketing tool for outdoor advertising events,you can use it maximize your ad coverage and expand your reach,which can be suitable for applications, such as parks, markets, traffic intersections, exhibition areas, highways, etc. It will ensure that your information is delivered to the target audience and make your event more success, if you are looking for a mobile led screen, just contact us!
  FINE PIXEL LED is a mobile led display manufacturer,specializing in R&D and production, which has been over 10 years in the global business and offers all kinds of modern and advanced led trailers to display your ads. Get a Quote More Details


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No matter where you are, no matter what screen you need,our customized solutions, high quality and competitive price makes your Outdoor Mobile Led Screen more attractive!

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