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You Need To Know Before Buying Outdoor LED Signs

  LED display has become the most common media, its application to our life has brought incredible changes, not only through it can learn a lot of timely information, but also through it to feel the visual beauty, it is often used in a variety of performance activities, for our lives add beauty.
  But when we look at the good side of it, we often hide a lot of complex problems behind it. In particular, outdoor LED display, in the summer because often have to face a variety of harsh high-temperature, Dorey and rainy weather environment, it will often produce a lot of security risks so as to shorten its service life.
  Therefore, we not only need to rely on the display of their own high strength and weather resistance, but also more important is that we must advance prevention, in order to all types of trouble to minimize the pitfalls.
  In this, we have a summer LED display high temperature heat dissipation, lightning protection and waterproof summed up some experience:
  First, outdoor LED display in summer high temperature radiation protection measures:
  1, if the screen area within 25 square meters, generally can not use air-conditioning, if the economic conditions allow, can be used in two diameter of 450mm fan can be, according to the size of the installation space to decide.
  2, if the area of more than 25 square screen is divided into the following 3 kinds of situation.
  1 if the screen installation location against the wall, and can be a meter away from the wall of the position, it is recommended to select the fan according to the size of the area, fan installation location in the screen side of the top row. If you buy a display of 70 square P10 outdoor LED display, it means that you have to buy the fan must be 5 diameter of the axial fan of about 500mm, the fan is the kind of gas outside, and when the fan to ensure that there is a protective net, To prevent the technician in the maintenance of the LED display screen when the clothes or other things sucked into the cause of unpredictable damage.In order to waterproof, to be outside the aluminum-plastic plate fan out of the air, the aluminum shutter installed.
  2 If the LED display is a single column installation method, it is best to use the fan to heat dissipation, fan installed in the back of the large screen aluminum plate on the top, made into the form of shutters in order to rain when the rain does not enter the display.If it is a dual-column form of the display, can be in the middle of the double column open a few blinds, this is the window is the air inlet, the above fan is the exhaust port, so that the formation of a complete air convection so that the cooling effect better.
  3 If the need to install air-conditioning, then the purchase cost and use costs will be increased, but also must consider the air conditioning outside the installation of space and beauty, and cooling effect will be less than the fan.
  Second, outdoor digital marquee signs in the Summer lightning protection measures 5 points:
  1, for direct lightning protection.
  In the outdoor Full-color LED display of the support structure of the installation of lightning rods, indoor display or a large building next to the display, you can not consider the installation of lightning rods.
  2, for the steel structure protection.
  The steel structure and display of the shell connected to do a good job, and grounding, grounding resistance general requirements less than 10 ohms, resistance if not to meet the requirements, it is necessary to do additional artificial grounding network.Lightning protection device should also do a good grounding.
  3, for the power line induced by the lightning flow.
  Install single-phase or three phase power SPD on the power line.The cross section area of the phase line can not be less than 10mm, the connecting Ground section area cannot be less than 15mm.
  4, on the signal line induced by the lightning flow. A signal lightning protection device is installed on the signal line. Signal arrester According to the system's signal interface, if it is a network cable to install a lightning protection device, the serial interface is installed DB9 Interface Lightning protection device and so on.The Connecting Ground section area cannot be less than 1.5mm.
  5. Induction current for lightning strike.
  Unified distribution of professional distribution boxes and cabinets, so that more comprehensive and effective protection of the entire circuit system for lightning induction current interference.
  Third, outdoor LED display Summer Waterproof measures:
  1, screen waterproof is mainly to prevent, so the module must be selected outdoor waterproof module, the back of the module should brush ventilation paint, the selection of the box should also be waterproof box, sealing better. The other part needs to be implemented in the concrete construction site, in the structure design waterproof and drainage combined; After the structure is determined, according to the characteristics of the structure, can consider the use of hollow tube structure, compression of the permanent deformation rate small, breaking elongation, such as the performance of the sealing strip material, after the selection of sealing material, according to the characteristics of the sealing strip material, The proper contact surface and the contact force are designed so that the sealing strip is squeezed into a dense shape. In some installation, waterproof groove and other positions, do a key protection to ensure that there is no water inside the display.In this way to ensure that the display, the rainy season when used, there will be no man-made factors caused by quality problems.
  2, first of all, for different cell board materials, need to use a professional waterproof coating. Second, look at the unit board has no water tank, if there is a positive waterproof basically there is no big problem, even if the cell board is fixed with a magnet is no problem. Finally, we also need to pay attention to the screen of the back panel waterproof, because, in the process of using the screen, backplane display is not only heat treatment, but also in the treatment of waterproof performance, has great convenience. In the treatment of the back of the waterproof coating, more attention to the back of the small strip-like display of aluminum-plastic board waterproof performance, to use an electric drill under the aluminum-plastic plate design a row of drainage, not only for the screen waterproof, but also conducive to the screen heat dissipation, is the most good LED display.

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