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What pixel pitch of LED display signs is best

  If you have decided to make a led display signs investment. It's a great important question what pixel pitch of LED display signs is best before purchasing led signs:

outdoor led display signs

  What pixel pitch of LED display signs is best?

  LED displays come in a wide variety of pixel pitch, from p1.2 small pixel pitch led display to P20 outdoor led display signs that can be seen on the highway from a long way off. Choosing pixel pitch of led display sign for project will greatly reduce cost and effectiveness.

outdoor led display signs

  Selecting the Right Pixel Pitch of LED Display Signs

  There are three major questions you need to ask to help you decide what pixel pitch LED display signs you need.

  What is the intended content? Pictures and video work best on large, full color outside displays intended to be seen from far off. Your use of text should be limited unless it's very simple, like advertising gasoline prices. You might also consider a text-only board designed for distance viewing in this case. For close-up viewing, you can have more of a mix of pictures and text.

outdoor led display signs

  How far away will its viewers be? The most important element determining the size of your LED sign is where viewers will be when they see it. Are you targeting sidewalk pedestrians, or are you aiming at folks on the highway? In general, if you are targeting customers who will be close to the sign, you will want a smaller one with a higher resolution. For distance viewing, such as on a highway, you will want a bigger board with a lower resolution.

  What is the traffic speed? This is vital for street viewing. The faster the road traffic, the less time they have to see and understand your sign. To counteract this, you will either need to make the board larger - to increase how far away it can be seen - or else simplify your message so it takes less time to view.

  Finally, if you'd like help analyzing your traffic and deciding on the best pixel pitch of LED display signs, contact us!

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