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Wedding Ceremony LED Screen for Sale

  More and more high-definition LED screens are used in stage events, not just weddings, ceremony meetings, and concert shows. If the use of wedding LED screen will make the viewing experience of the audience more shocking. Wedding LED display can play wedding photos, play back the pro-fragments, live wedding and so on.

  LED screen stage design case:

  Because the led screen is rented according to the number of squares, in other words, the larger the square, the more expensive the price. In fact, the square of the led screen is entirely dependent on the stage design effect, and today we will take a look at several wedding stage design with led screen!

wedding ceremony led screen   



  The led screen is embedded in a box on the background of the stage. The Led screen is like a large led TV in the center of the stage.

  Second: Combined

  The led screen is placed in the center and is integrated with the background plates on both sides to form a stage background with integrated design.

  Third: Single vertical

  The background of the entire stage is the led screen, there is no KT board, there is no other stage design elements, and all the logos, images and pictures are displayed through this large led screen.

  Fourth: Discrete

  The led screen is set on the side of the background board, either on both sides, or on only one side, not integrated into the background of the stage.


wedding ceremony led screen   

FINE PIXEL LED,led screen China manufacturer provide led screen is undoubtedly a high-quality, high-end, so high-quality wedding planning design background led screen is indispensable!

  1, space issues

  If the venue is very wide, it is recommended to consider using a large area of ​​the led screen in order to clearly visualize wedding situations, wedding photos and other visual information, so that guests sitting in remote places can also feel the wonderful wedding.

  2, the issue of stage background style

  The small, fresh style of a gauze pad is not suitable for a led screen.

  3, how much content to play

  If there are many videos to be prepared, there are a lot of wedding photos flash, wedding replays, micro movies, etc. The LED screen for wedding is enough to support the field.

  4, the cost of the problem

  Led screen rental in accordance with the area, the current market price is 10 square should be about 5000, is a good business opportunity.

wedding ceremony led screen

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