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Variable Message LED Traffic Signs

  In the information age and the rapid development of intelligent transportation system, in the traffic field for the public service, the release of information becomes an important service content, LED Signs has become the main means for the public to release information on the highway.

  Common traffic guidance LED Signs mode has LED Signs Variable Intelligence board, PATH indicator, variable logo and so on. Traffic Guidance information Outdoor LED display, according to the requirements of road traffic management and the actual situation of traffic guidance information release, FINE PIXEL LED is a top China led display manufacturer,our led traffic signs has the following features: high brightness, reasonable angle of view, red, green and yellow color, display brightness automatically adjustable, all-weather work, environment condition complex, remote control,Intelligent detection, security, real-time, accuracy, high reliability.

  1, door frame LED screen

  Door-Frame variable LED Signs is the main mode of information transmission, because the larger volume generally uses the gantry as a variable electronic display bracket, by the main monitoring computer through the communication network to implement remote control, transmission and display a variety of graphic information,

  Timely release to drivers of different road conditions and various types of traffic information, and traffic laws and regulations, traffic knowledge, to reduce the recurrence of expressway congestion, reduce the impact of non-recurrence of expressway accidents, improve traffic safety purposes;

door frame LED screen

  2, speed limit LED screen

  The variable speed limit LED Signs is mostly set in some road conditions complex or special large bridges of the key sections, mostly round or single arm hanging single block screen.

  Remote control by the computer of the Monitoring Center through the communication network, transmission and display of the road speed limit mileage or brief traffic information, play a prompt vehicle in accordance with the speed limit, to ensure the driving safety of the role.

speed limit LED screen

  3, Mobile LED screen

  In highway construction and maintenance, the highway department or construction staff temporarily closed or changed lanes, how to communicate traffic information to road users is very important. Fixed variable information Board limited by road construction site is uncertain or far away, not effective.

  And mobile LED Traffic information screen (car screen) has a small flexible light, suitable for installation in the trailer-type motor vehicles, can be placed at any time in the target site direct display, to make up for the fixed variable information board deficiencies.

Mobile LED screen

  4, Warning LED screen

  In order to ensure the safety of construction workers and vehicles and other vehicles in normal running, expressway vehicles must install eye-catching high brightness signs to warn and guide other vehicles to avoid accidents.The guiding warning screen is the necessary equipment for the construction vehicles on the expressway.

Warning LED screen

  5, Propaganda LED screen

  Service LED Signs refers to the toll station, service area installed to provide all kinds of services, promotional LED screen. Through the toll plaza, service area parking, indoor led display in time for the past division to provide real-time road conditions and services to help all kinds of information, to facilitate the division of travel, improve the level of management and external image.

traffic led signs

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