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Tips For Buying Outdoor Waterproof LED Display

  In the rainy season, the rain increased, then the outdoor LED display needs to pay attention to the waterproof problem, enhance the waterproof protection can prolong the life of the display, so waterproof protection needs from the source.

  One of the waterproof connector selection is particularly important, the current market on the waterproof connectors more varieties, but uneven quality, then how to choose?

  Choose a good LED display manufacturers, select a high-quality led waterproof connectors, generally can be considered from the following aspects.

  First,in line with the relevant electrical, installation, connection, insulation, protection and other technical standards requirements, which is the basis of choice.

  Second,the tolerance of the assembly to see the size of the control accuracy.

  Because connectors often involve connection, waterproof, common mother contact and so on, need to have a very high precision size, high-end and low-end connectors I see almost shape, structure and so on, but how do you spend a little time, with caliper carefully measuring the size of the connector will be found,

  Poor quality of the matching size change is very large, that is, the stability of the connection is not guaranteed, batch product consistency is poor.


  LED display manufacturers can not only look at the standard, should go beyond the standards, pay attention to the actual situation encountered in the application.

  Because the LED industry connector design and production of some of the standards are actually drawn from other industries, because the industry application time is relatively short, many provisions are not in line with and meet the rapid changes in the LED industry requirements, such as the anti-aging materials, but generally speaking in line with the use of outdoor engineering, but how to define,is to look at the UL yellow card or test as the subject, the life of the outdoor project is based on the commercial contract of the project manufacturer or the "Technical service life" which can be accepted by everyone, which directly influences the selection and design of the product material, and also causes the variety of the LED connector material. In addition, the requirements of individual standard terms are relatively low, that is, the quality of the threshold is very low, resulting in a variety of family workshops can be produced at will, some test standards in the "Standard static environment" under the test, often occurred after the project accident, to retest connectors found in accordance with the standard or qualified, why, Because the laboratory tests have selected standard Terms and standard environment, and the application of the site environment varies, such as the connector tail of the M16 cable fixed head to the cable grasping force and torque requirements, the standard only said the tensile strength of 80N,

  The torque value is greater than 0.45N.M but the connector can exist in the actual use of artificial vigorously pulling and twisting, in this way the actual data can be far about the standard value, and this force is maintained for a long time between two connectors, after a long period of outdoor use, often eventually resulting in the connector is not waterproof or bad contact and open circuit.

  Four,LED display manufacturers pay attention to the structure of the principle of design, structural design is very important.

  If waterproof, connection and other original rational design is more advanced, has been a winner, if you choose the outdated structure of the design, even if the production process of quality control is very good, but often in reliability, outdoor long-term weather resistance and so on are less reliable than the innovative generation of products.

  Five,see LED display Manufacturers Connector production quality control system.

  Connector company doing a pair of connectors to provide testing is easy, also can get very good test scores, but to the factory you will find that the raw materials do not test the standard, the finished factory does not have to test the link, the failure of the repair and testing procedures, and so on, have affected the quality of the product, that is, only to achieve the hundred qualified, Did not do 1000 per thousand, zero out of 10,000 qualified. In the long run, a good quality system control or even lighting manufacturers choose connector manufacturers of the most important reference factors, otherwise it will be "penny wise and Foolish".

  Overall,with a larger production scale, technology testing equipment enterprises, product quality control and stability corresponding to a higher grade. Choose a good outdoor LED display, need to consider from all aspects, not only the quality of the product, but also according to the company's comprehensive strength and quality system, after-sales service and so on these aspects. Our product quality for the enterprise life, from raw materials procurement to production, installation, testing, each step in accordance with the ISO9001:2008 international quality control process implementation, scientific management, excellence, products through the professional bodies carried out by the UL, RoHS, CCC, CE, EMC, FCC, ETL, IP65 Dustproof Waterproof Testing and other quality certification, to ensure that every factory products are high-quality, the basic lead and achieve in the industry LED signs products standardization, batch of high standard production management system. At home and abroad to win a good reputation for performance in the industry has a far-reaching impact.

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