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Things to Know Before You Buy an LED Sign

  What are the brands of Full color LED display? What are the famous Full color LED display manufacturers in China? LED display industry is not like computers, mobile phones, television and other traditional industries have formed a more well-known brands, LED display currently belongs to a manufacturing industry, display screen chip, drive IC, power supply and other components are developed and produced by professional manufacturers, display manufacturers through the procurement of raw materials for two processing production.

  We usually say that the screen brand is mainly to see manufacturers chip, packaging, drive chips, power supply, systems and other uses of what brand, and then look at the production scale manufacturers strength.

  Full color LED display chip quality and brand?

  Now the domestic chip technology and Taiwan chip not much difference, a penny a penny; authentic original Taiwan Crystal chip quality is still very good, a small number of large display manufacturers are using crystal chip. In addition, Taiwan light lei, Hangzhou Shi Lan, hangzhou three-Ann brand chip quality is also very good, the display effect is not inferior to the crystal chip, the use rate is very high. However, with the increasing competition in recent years, the price war, many small manufacturers in order to ensure profits, reduce the quality of the display, the use of counterfeit Shanzhai Taiwan crystal, light lei chip production, shoddy, customers in the procurement must pay attention to, far below the normal price is certainly not authentic Crystal brand display. There are more than crystal Gong better chip brands, such as the U.S. branch Rui, Japan and Asia, are international brands.To China just packaging Branch sharp chip display, for example, its price is Taiwan's Crystal brand 4 times times.

  Full color LED display screen advertising led large screen 60 square or so what model effect is good?

  If it is three years ago, P16 Full-color display will be preferred. Because the p16 led display price is low, 60 square meters of the words pixel is fully enough to meet the requirements, cost-effective absolutely not said. But with the two-year P10 Full-color outdoor display prices dropped significantly, P16 price ratio has become less obvious. According to the current development situation, 60 square outdoor led large screen recommended P10 Full color series.Of course, if the pixel requirements are not high for customers, P16 is also a good choice.

  Full color LED display P10 full color display price gap why?

  P10 Outdoor Full-color display at present, the market price is confused, this is mainly due to product cost and brand reasons. There are even individual manufacturers quote lower than normal quality cost bottom line, here to give you a wake-up call, as the saying goes, cheap no good goods, especially for electronic products, prices in a sense can indeed measure its quality. The general low price is used with taillights, defective.

  The luminous angle is small, the chromatic aberration is big, very easy to appear the flower screen dead point black screen phenomenon.

  Full color LED display is currently the highest clear which section? How about the price? LED display at present the highest pixel resolution is the P4,P4 outdoor led display has direct Plug and SMD two categories. Indoor highest Clear LED display if pure from pixel density, the newly listed P1.5 is the highest clear led electronic screen. But in fact P1.5 even p2led full-color display technology has not yet reached full maturity, the market sales are few, said the highest clear LED screen is not entirely correct.

  The true meaning of the highest clear indoor LED screen should be p2.5,p2.5 led display technology maturity, has gradually moved to the market.

  Does the Full-color LED display require the devices besides the display itself?

  LED displays are usually divided into five parts. The first part is the display screen body, the second part is the Display control system (synchronous control system, including sending card, receiving card); The third part is display equipment (including computers, power distribution cabinets, audio amplifiers, air-conditioning, lightning arrester, video processor, etc.); the forth part is the large-screen steel structure ( Including the fixed display exterior frame and the aluminum-plastic plate wrapping edge);

  Usually the display price refers to the display screen body unit price, indoor screen generally do not need air-conditioning, lightning arrester equipment.

  How to judge the quality of Full-color LED display panel?

  IC, power supply, packaging, kits; From the display of the screen, the quality of the display screen is mainly to see the brightness of the display, screen surface smoothness, color uniformity of the display screen, screen waterproof performance, display color uniformity, viewing angle of view size. Full color LED display outdoor LED advertising big screen investment return? How long will the cost recovery cycle take?

  LED large screen advertising profits mainly depends on the display installation location popularity, local economic consumption level. Usually, led big screen half a year can be back to this, in view of the LED advertising screen long service life (reasonable use up to more than 10 years), visible led advertising display investment return benefit is still very large, especially now LED display price drop, investment costs are getting lower, but advertising fees will not reduce prices, will only become more and more high, outdoor led advertising screen benefits most likely with the continued growth.

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