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The Secret of Buying Top Quality LED Display Screen

  LED display has a wide range of applications,also have so many LED display manufacturers, product quality is uneven.So, how should we choose high quality LED display?

  First of all, in the identification of the quality of LED display products before the pros and cons, we must first understand the performance concept of LED display, and from performance to distinguish between the pros and cons of LED display products.

  The performance of LED signs mainly includes the refresh rate, gray level, contrast, etc.:

  Refresh rate refers to the image of the electron beam on the screen repeatedly scanned the number of times, the higher the refresh rate, LED display screen display the better the stability of the screen, the higher the resolution, the screen high-definition no delay, and bring a very comfortable enjoyment. Grayscale is also called color level or gray scale, refers to the brightness of the display screen, it is LED display color number of the determinants.

  Generally speaking, the higher the intensity of the LED display, the richer the color of the display, the more delicate the screen, and the richer details. Contrast refers to a picture of the brightest white and darkest black between the brightness level of the measurement, the greater the difference range of the larger the contrast, while the contrast is smaller, contrast is the impact of the LED Display screen visual effects of one of the key factors. Generally speaking, the higher the contrast, the clearer the image, the more vivid the color.

  High contrast is helpful to the sharpness, detail performance and gray level performance of the image.

  Secondly, to identify the quality of LED display, we can also feel from the visual effects:

  1, white balance.Through the LED display products red, green, blue full-color test and white balance test, we can see whether LED display color phenomenon and timely adjustment.

  2. The surface smoothness of the LED display screen. The surface smoothness of the display screen should be within the ±1mm to ensure that the display image does not distort, the screen body local convex or concave will lead to the visual angle of the display screen corner. We look at the side of the screen body and gently touch the surface of the screen to feel the uniformity of the screen body.The smoothness of the quality is mainly determined by the production process.

  3. Brightness and visual angle. Indoor LED rental screen brightness generally between 800cd/m2-1200cd/m2, outdoor led rental screen brightness to 1500cd/m2 above, in order to ensure the normal work of the display, otherwise, because the brightness is too low to see the image displayed.

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