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The Common Faults of LED Signs and Troubleshooting

  Some outdoor LED signs in the process of use, especially outdoor text signle color LED Signs, there will be garbled appearance. How to solve the garbled?

  LED signs supplier simple to do a problem possible cause analysis.

  1. Water leakage problem

  First of all, LED Signs garbled most of the leak-related, due to rain measures are not appropriate, after rain water immersion. Cause circuit board short-circuit, and then form garbled.If this happens, build justice immediately find a supplier or repair manufacturer.

  2. Transmission data problem

  The output to the screen of the control circuit is faulty, focus on the screen power supply and signal input section.such as control system board damage, data line interface damage, data line damage, and so on, will cause the outdoor led signs garbled appearance.

  3. Problem of Line

  In the case of troubleshooting the power supply problem, the test of the defective module power supply is normal (if the first module is not normal 80% is a power supply problem).

  4. Software or control card problem

  LED screen parameters are not set up, need to determine the scanning configuration problem, generally 1/4 sweep; if it is not a software problem, check the control card problem;

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