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Stage Background LED Display Screen

  With the improvement of life, people to all kinds of performance activities of the visual requirements in the continuous improvement, the previous form of a single traditional stage effect has been unable to meet the audience's needs, so in this context, the stage led display into the eyes of people, it by virtue of color, Patterns and so on many of its own advantages to meet the needs of the application of the dance.

  For the stage LED screen, it can create a colorful background effect in the performance activities. As we all know before, because the LED display is not used in the stage performance, the stage background to use the most is the curtain, and the curtain is static, so can show the scene is also very limited. In the previous impression, each performance began, there will be behind the background of the staff responsible for the prologue, and then the actor in the curtain after the appearance of the corresponding performance of the content scene.

  This is the early stage scene application. Until later, the appearance of LED display, such a situation only to be improved, but in the initial stage, the function of the display screen is relatively single, instead of the scene function, to display video data, as the curtain role. But with the use of a certain stage, its function is more perfect, on the stage played a more prominent role.

  It not only as a stage background, its flexible and changeable image and program integration, to bring the audience different visual effects.

  Because in the traditional stage performance, the actor is moving, the background is static, such a static move, the actor's performance gives the audience is the most intuitive feeling, but the background does not bring the beauty to the audience the enjoyment. But with the application of LED display, it created a picture, exquisite and realistic, more impact than the actual scenery, and by playing with the program matching the screen, and then with the corresponding music, to foil the scene atmosphere. This will let the audience outside the performance, get more sensory experience, and then affect the psychological changes of the audience, so that the audience have a feeling of immersive.

  The distance between the audience and the actor is closer to achieve deeper communication.

  led video wall rental feature:

stage rental led display

  led video wall rental is ideal for rental, staging and flexible-fixed applications. Each lightweight flexible led display is suitable for hanging and free-standing installations. led video wall rental adaptable design enhances installation capabilities. it is available in 2.97,3.91, 4.81 and 5.95mm pixel pitches.

  Special designed handles

  The hanles can be turned over to the side of the LED screen,protect the LED and mask from being damaged during transportation or moving.

  Seamless screen splicing and Support ±15 degree installation

  It has the following advantages: Arc shaped panel edge,seamless splicing and no angle acquirement,perfect arc-bending panel technology vivid visual effects and no distorition.Double-side 15 degree oblique angle design,support ±15 degree assembly,Sticky tape support seamless connection between panels.

  Die Cast aluminum light weight Structure

  led video wall rental is designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications. Through thoughtful engineering and craftsmanship, the led video wall rental features a thin, lightweight, high-strength die-casting in a modular design to fit a wide range of simple or complex applications.

  Dual power supply & signal

  Dual power supply & signal input design,one for working,one for backup.Once one input fails,another one will work automatically without switching.

  Fast, Flexible installation and maintence

  From start to finish, the stage led display  accommodates the fast-paced nature of rental, staging and flexible installations.

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