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Seamless Fine Pitch HD LED Video Wall

  Advantage of seamless led splicing technology in engineering
fine pixel pitch led video wall
  1, completely solve the mosaic screen image is segmented visual defects, to achieve complete seamless

  In the present stage of China's large-screen mosaic system, many display screen in the work there are still more stitching joints. For example, LCD splicing system, the gap is too large, can not meet the needs of users, and plasma and back projection large-screen splicing system compared to the liquid splicing technology, has more advantages, but from its visual effect, there are still a large number of split line. Even in the engineering application of LCD, DLP, PDP technology, only to reduce the gap, can not be completely eliminated.

  Seamless led splicing technology can make the screen segmentation problem is completely resolved to achieve complete seamless requirements. The use of seamless led splicing technology, in a small area so that the screen resolution can be improved to ensure the texture of the screen to meet the needs of users to watch close range. Compared with the existing stitching technology, led physical seamless stitching can be achieved across the screen display.For the joint, its level is not the size of the gap, but the gap is the existence of the problem.

  2, completely solve the mosaic large screen brightness and chroma attenuation inconsistency problem

  The application of seamless LED video wall, will effectively handle the mosaic large screen brightness and chroma attenuation is not the same situation. In this kind of technique, the point brightness and chroma correction technique is used, which guarantees the uniformity of brightness and chroma. For example, the application of point-control technology, to create a user-by-point correction chroma and brightness of the platform, and the screen of the pixel control, to achieve a high degree of restoration of the image.

  This kind of technology also has the text message and the e-mail prompt function, can let the user grasp the splicing wall status information in time.

  3, intensive display control platform, to handle all monitoring video source

  Seamless LED technology application of intensive display control platform to ensure the reliability of monitoring video source, to create a management platform for customers, and effectively achieve the video signal, computer signals, as well as network signal management, to provide users with better services.

  4, power supply and signal a strong redundant backup design, security and reliable use

  In the design of seamless led system, the redundancy of power supply and signal is backed up, which can reduce the problem in the process of using.

  5. Super long life, simple maintenance process, ultra-low maintenance cost

  LED service life relative to the general display, long life, and its maintenance and maintenance costs relatively low.

  6. Large viewing angle, super High contrast, super high refresh rate
fine pixel pitch led video wall
  The project provides a larger viewing angle and prevents the appearance of reflective phenomena. In the intake of the picture, the state is more stable, should be dynamic display screen, the edge of the image clear, a good dynamic performance, the image information accurately and truly restore. Make the video screen smooth, bring the greatest visual enjoyment.

  In addition, in particular, LED screen brightness uniformity performance is excellent, with a single point of brightness correction, so that the whole screen brightness uniformity to the extreme.

  7, ultra-thin, ultra light structure, super mute heat treatment technology

  Seamless led splicing technology in the application process, but also the use of super mute heat treatment technology.

  8, dynamic energy-saving, ultra-low dynamic consumption, green light source, energy saving and environmental protection, non-polluting In the practical application process, the seamless led splicing technology can reduce the energy consumption and save the project cost.

  Prominently reflected in the following two aspects:

  (1) Low power consumption and energy saving technology

  LED HD Video Wall at work, different power consumption is produced with the change of the picture, that is, a part of the power consumption which is equivalent to the peak value, generally in the 30%~50%; the traditional stitching big screen in the work, regardless of the picture content how, even if the black screen, still maintain a constant power consumption, namely the required power.

  (2) Energy-saving and environmental protection, non-polluting products Pollution-free traditional mosaic large screen because of its light-emitting materials, working principle and other reasons, there will be mercury, ultraviolet, auxiliary radiation and other environmental pollution sources.

  LED HD Video Wall directly light-emitting, LCD light-emitting source for the backlight bulb (tube), its light-emitting medium for tungsten, lead, etc., has no significant impact on the environment. To sum up, seamless splicing technology is LED display industry and a big leap-forward progress, a comprehensive solution to other display equipment can not be completed seamless stitching defects, but also to achieve energy saving and environmental protection, intensive display, the growth of life and other characteristics, is an indispensable technology for the LED industry.

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