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P6 LED Wall In Singapore

  Singapore Changi International Airport terminal Fourth security zone has a 70 meters width, 5 meters high of P6 led video wall, the LED video wall will not only display the scenery from Singapore and surrounding areas, but also display about baggage inspection related important information.The led screen seems to be integrated with buildings, allowing passers-by to have a deeper understanding of the country's cultural history.

  Singapore Changi Airport's video wall solution is one of the strictest and most competitive bidding processes, with a series of presentations, investors, executives and government representatives have reached a consensus on visual attractiveness and technology, and unanimously vote to choose P6 LED Video wall is the best solution.

P6 led screen In Singapore

  Singapore Changi International Airport also installs led screen in retail and leisure areas to display Singapore's streetscape, traditional culture and broadcast promotional videos in accordance with the schedule.

  Changi International Airport in Singapore has been rated as the best airport in the world.

  The giant P6 outdoor led  display is installed in the Changi International Airport terminal building will enrich the lives of tourists and bring a new visual feast.

  Digital signage has a strong system function and a lot of intelligent interactive applications, many international airports have installed it to bring more convenience information.

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