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P3.91 LED Screen in Minsik,Belarus

  Every country will hold different forms of celebrations to strengthen the patriotism of their people and enhance the country's cohesiveness on National Day, To celebrate National Day, governments usually hold a commemorative meeting, which is hosted by heads of state, government or foreign ministers, and invites foreign envoys and other important foreign guests to participate.

P3.91 led screen in Minsik,Belarus

  July 3rd is the Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus, and the Palace of Republic in Minsk also held a solemn Independence Day meeting,president of Belarus delivered an important speech, emphasizing the importance of maintaining independence and peace and building good partnerships with other countries.

  The conference stage background used P3.91 LED display from Chinese manufacturers, which brought more exciting performances to the conference.

P3.91 led screen in Minsik,Belarus

  The P3.9 indoor led display is used as the background screen,which has increased the depth of the stage. The combination of different color blocks allows the background of the entire stage to display different stereoscopic effects with the color of the picture. The overall stage background is made up of 12 pieces LED displays, which can be harmonious through the control of the live scenes and different artistic aesthetics from different perspectives.

P3.91 led screen in Minsik,Belarus

  Features of P3.91 Indoor led display:

  1, Ergonomical-designed handle for easy operation;

  2, Modules equippped with safe buckle backup design;

  3, Die-casting aluminum back cover for better waterproof and heat disspation;

  4, Anti-collision plate, difficulty in falling lamp;

  5, Hanging bar both for hanging & ground beam;

  6, Quick lock with better damping & faster installation;

P3.91 led screen in Minsik,Belarus

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