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P10 LED Screen for Sports Racecourse

  Emerald Downs is a thoroughbred racetrack in Auburn, Washington, located a half mile east of Highway 167. It is named after Seattle, the Emerald City.
sports racecourse led screen

  The racetrack has designed and installed an LED screen to easily track the movements of the game. It is very important for the racetrack to have a led screen that provides reliable, high-quality clarity  picture an video for audience. In addition to tracking the live broadcast of the stadium, the led screen can keep our audience excited throughout the game. Unlike the audiences who were only excited about the last few seconds near the end, we saw that the audience was always excited about the whole game, especially the children who followed their parents after led screen installed.
led screen for sports racecourse

  The LED screen size is about 25 feet high and 44.5 feet wide,which pixel pitch is 10mm can provide excellent image clarity and contrast and a wide viewing angle for a clear view of every position in the stadium. It has a lot of features, including displaying the game before the game to entertain the audience, and live broadcast to the scene after the game begins.
  The LED display will bring a lot of viewing experience in the coming years.

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