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Outdoor LED Signs-Energy Efficient and Environment Friendly

  Green environmental protection has become a major theme of the current era, social progress, but environmental pollution is also expanding, so the human must protect our homes, and now, all walks of life are also advocating the production of green environmental protection products,

  So how can led enterprises to develop the design will not produce light pollution and waste of electricity energy LED signs which has become a production enterprise must address an important product performance. LED display has been widely used in all corners of the city, has become a unique symbol to enhance the image of the city, but it in the beautification of the city image, while the screen of strong light but also on the urban residents of the night life caused a certain negative impact. Although led industry is a "light" industry, the display "light" is understandable, but from the city's environmental pollution indicators to measure, it has degenerated into a new type of pollution "light pollution."

  Therefore, as the enterprise should be in production should pay attention to "light pollution" problem, should control the setting of brightness.

outdoor led signs

  The first method of control: The adjustment system which can adjust the brightness automatically. Depending on the day and night, a slight change in the brightness of the display screen can have a great effect in different locations and periods. If the LED screen playback brightness is greater than the ambient brightness of 50%, we will obviously feel the eye discomfort, also caused the "light pollution."

  Then we can through the outdoor brightness collection system, at any time to collect the ambient brightness, and the use of display control system through the receiving system data and the software automatically converted to the environment for the brightness of the broadcast screen.

  The second method of control: Multilevel gray correction technology. The ordinary LED display system uses the 8bit color display level, thus in some low grayscale and the color excessive place, the color will show very blunt, therefore will cause the color light the not to adapt.

  And the new LED large screen control system is 14bit color display level, greatly improve the color in the excessive hardness, so that people feel the color when watching soft, to avoid people's discomfort of light. In terms of power consumption, although the LED display itself using light-emitting materials is energy-saving, but some need to be used in the display area of larger occasions, due to long time use, the overall power consumption is still large, because it requires a higher brightness, in these composite factors, the led screen power consumption is quite alarming, Then the advertisers will also have a geometric increase in the cost of electricity.

  Therefore, LED screen manufacturers can use the following 5 points to save energy:

  1, can be adopted by the use of high light effect led, light-emitting chips do not cut corners;

  2, the use of high efficiency switching power supply, greatly enhance the power conversion efficiency;

  3, excellent screen body cooling design, reduce fan power consumption;

  4, the design of a scientific overall circuit scheme to reduce the internal line power consumption;

  5, according to the external environment changes, automatically adjust the brightness of outdoor display, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction;

  FINE PIXELLED X Series Outdoor LED Signs includes these high performance features:

outdoor led signs
  An Affordable & High-Quality LED Display Solution

  Superb Image an Control Performance

  Economical and Power Saving Display

  Effective and Uniform Heat Dissipation

  IP 65 Rigid And Waterproof Cabinet Design

  Perfect Quality and Long-Time Stability.

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