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Outdoor LED display specifications and features

  First. Energy-saving outdoor LED display specifications and features

  1. As technology of led screen becomes more and more mature, led screen appearance is becoming more and more  unique, allowing the city to have more scenery, enriching the cultural life of the city's citizens and making it easier for the public to accept.

  2. Using VGA synchronization technology, large-screen content is synchronized with the CRT, replacing the advertising content is simple and convenient; large screen, super visual, high brightness, long life.

  3. Outdoor full-color LED  screen media are widely used in public places, advertising, urban road network, urban parking, rail, subway and other traffic guidance systems, highways and so on.

  4. Play formats are diverse, rich colors, support playback (graphics, text, three-dimensional, two-dimensional animation, television screens, etc.).

  Second. HD Outdoor LED Display Specifications and features

  1, characteristics :mobility, mandatory, targeted, effective and so on.

  2, lots of advantages: Mainly installed in shopping malls and other high traffic areas, including  full-color LED large screen is installed in the landmark area, its transmission effect is more shocking, more mandatory.

  3, program advantages:timely play, rich content; it can not only play advertisements, but also programs, including special topics, columns, notices, announcements, variety shows, animations, radio dramas, and television.

  Three. Full color outdoor LED display specifications and  advantages

  1, characteristics :mobility, attractive, effective and so on.

  2, lots of advantages: Mainly installed in shopping malls and other traffic concentrated areas, including LED full-color large screen is installed in the landmark area

  3, contect advantages.  real-time playback, and rich content; not only can play advertisements, but also broadcast programs, including special topics, animation, columns, variety shows, radio dramas, television dramas, program breaks interstitial ads, currently supports almost all playback formats, as long as What can appear on the computer, outdoor full color led screen can do it.

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